Issue: 23 November 2013
23 November 2013
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  • Picture worth a thousand words

    The expression “going viral” may not be in the average theological dictionary, but perhaps it ought to be. It represents the fact that there is a new stage on which the gospel message of God’s unconditional love is being acted out: that of the social media.

  • The sleaze goes on

    Had Shakespeare been writing his Henry VI, Part Two today, he might have modified the famous line he gave to Dick the butcher in Act Four – “first let’s kill all the lawyers” – to refer to bankers. Of course, honest bankers exist, but as a trade they are even less loved than lawyers.

  • It takes more than two Denis and Dee Stemmle

    After marriage preparation, couples are often left to fend for themselves in the face of the trials that may come their way. But help in how to live marriage sacramentally and to grow in love is on hand

  • Lost treasure Laura Gascoigne

    Since the chronological rehang of Tate Britain’s collections in May, banners have gone up outside the gallery inviting passers-by to “Meet 500 years of British art”.