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Benedictine Oxford hall plans to admit women Free

14 November 2013 | by Christopher Lamb | Comments: 4

A Benedictine hall of Oxford University is planning to expand its premises in order to admit female students, writes Christopher Lamb.

St Benet’s, a Permanent Private Hall, currently only accepts male undergraduates as it houses monks in formation. But Professor Werner Jeanrond, the master of St Benet’s, says they are actively fund-raising to purchase a new property that would admit both men and women.

Professor Jeanrond said St Benet’s is currently not canonically permitted to accept women as undergraduates to live in the hall because it is also forming monks. There are six monks resident, four of whom are studying.

However, Professor Jeanrond said, the new building would help build up St Benet’s infrastructure to make it similar to other Oxford colleges. He added that there are also plans to upgrade the existing building, which can accommodate 25 students.

The master stressed that the expansion would also help to preserve and develop the Catholic tradition of the hall. St Benet’s was founded by Ampleforth Abbey in order to allow its monks to study for degrees at the university. Ampleforth still oversees St Benet’s but appointed Professor Jeanrond as the first lay master last year.

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Comment by: Nesbyth
Posted: 22/11/2015 17:03:00

Was Francis "elected to oversee an internal clean-up of the Roman Curia"?

I thought a Pope was elected to be the Rock and to lead the Church spiritually.

Granted, he can also clean up the Curia, but I hope he wasn't elected just for that!

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Comment by: Maryk
Posted: 16/11/2015 21:32:02

i was struck by the beauty of what he said and by his emphasis that Jesus came for All not just Many.

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Comment by: kitbag
Posted: 16/11/2015 14:31:14

Semper reformandum is to be welcomed.

In today’s world we need to be treated like adults.

For 2000 years we have been treated like children in a world where everything is black and white and so we have been locked into the Parent Child relationship with our Church.

Pope Francis recognises the world is in colour and is realising the dream of the call to maturity promised by Vatican II.

It is surely the gift for our time of the South American worldview.

We need to live with the uncertainty. That is what produces faith hope and love. There is no need for fear.

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Comment by: new world order
Posted: 14/11/2015 14:50:21

No, the pope's 'reforms' are actually divorce and adultery

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