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11 February 2016 | by Joanna Moorhead

The charity founder tells Joanna Moorhead how her passion to help suffering children, the subject of a new film, was driven by her own experience of deprivation Just when you thought you had heard it all about how deprived life in the poverty-stricken Ireland of the past could be, along comes Christina Noble. Her upbringing in Dublin’s slums in the 1940s was so bad that, as it says on the blurb on the back of her autobiography, it barely merits the description “childhood” at all. Life delivered a series of unbelievably devastating blows that came along in such quick succession that it is hard to believe she ever managed to get up again. Not only did she do so, but she went on to found a charity that has helped nigh on a million children across Asia, and counting.Noble&r

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