‘If there were no terrorism, no one would even be talking about Islam at all’  Premium

29 January 2015 | by Joanna Moorhead

The academic and broadcaster talks to Joanna Moorhead about growing up with Yorkshire Britishness and her family’s Islamic traditions For religious commentator Mona Siddiqui, the political is personal. She’s a Muslim mother with three sons in their teens and early twenties: where other academics, politicians and journalists flail around trying to understand Islamic youngsters today, she is living the reality. She hates, she says, the term “radicalisation”, but, of course, she thinks a great deal about what is happening to young people of her sons’ generation – what is encouraging some of them to become fighters and even terrorists. So her analysis is worth hearing: and the important thing to grasp, she says, is the climate the current cohort of 18- to

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