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17 July 2014 | by Daniel O’Leary

Let us love one another

At the heart of our relationship with God is the commitment of two people to each other. When couples fall in love, God is moved and the universe quickens on its way. When they answer “I do” to the question about lifelong commitment, it is a moment of divine incarnation Often people ask, “Why does almost everyone choose the fourth finger of the left hand for the wedding ring?” Perhaps because in the past it was (inaccurately) believed that a certain vein, vena amoris – literally, the vein of love – ran directly from this finger to the heart, thus the fourth finger was closest to the seat of love. In The Sacrament of Love, the theologian Paul Evdokimov enriches the story further. The ring, he writes, “placed on the altar table touches the mystery


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