‘Into the hands of the living God’ Premium

12 June 2014 | by Richard Owen

D.H. Lawrence claimed to have rejected the Christianity of his childhood by the time he reached 16, but many of his stories and poems suggest otherwise, with one recent scholar calling him fundamentally a religious writer Something about the landscape in an idyllic cove near Lerici reminded D.H. Lawrence of the Sea of Galilee.“I am always expecting when I go to Tellaro for the letters to meet Jesus gossiping with his disciples as he goes along above the sea,” wrote Lawrence to a Nottingham friend at the end of 1913 after strolling to the local seaside post office through the pines and olives of Fiascherino, on the Gulf of La Spezia. Walking the same coastal path last year while researching a book on Lawrence and Italy, I could see what he meant: 100 years on, the landscape ha

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