‘The rebels want my head’

05 June 2014 | by Abigail Frymann Rouch

Described by some as Assad’s nun but by others as the opposition’s friend, the controversial peacemaker insists to Abigail Frymann that the trust she has won from the warring sides is paying dividends WHAT IS the worst atrocity to have been committed in the three years of Syria’s civil war? The chemical weapons attacks last August, or maybe the massacre near Latakia 18 days earlier in which rebels reportedly slaughtered at least 200 people and abducted 115 women and children?In a conflict in which almost every family has lost a relative, Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross has mediated between the different rebel militias and the Syrian Government to negotiate ceasefires, as well as safe passage for civilians and for fighters who wish to lay down their arms. In doing so, a

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