Let true humanity shine

05 June 2014 | by Daniel O’Leary

Christian spirituality is rooted in the Incarnation and a person’s birth marks the start of a journey towards growing into the very likeness of God. While there are plenty of distractions along the way, Pentecost provides a reminder of who we really are The mirror was as big as the wall of the room we were gathered in. It was my first Pilates class. Halfway through, I caught a glimpse of myself writhing on the floor, arms and legs all over the place like a beached octopus. Around me, flexible bodies rotated ­rhythmically on their mats, balancing, stretching and pulsing to the music and the instructions. Sweat was dripping off my chin. My limbs were hurting. And so too was my ego, appalled at the truth of the mirror on the wall. The pressure to be perfect is driven by deep influ

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