Beyond the abortion wars: A campaigner on life suggests a new way forward

15 June 2017 | by Charles C. Camosy

Sanctity of life


With the Church in England and Wales celebrating Day for Life tomorrow, a campaigner on life issues considers the current debate about abortion and suggests a way forward / By Charles Camosy

Is there anything left to say about the subject of abortion? Isn’t it just one of those intractable issues on which everyone has a fixed opinion, and the only thing likely to come from a discussion of it is an uncomfortable confrontation?

Four years ago I sat down and began to write a book that I hoped would show that actually there is more agreement than disagreement about the issue among a majority of people in the United States, where I live and work as a university lecturer. In the two years since the release of my book, I have been invited to join the board of Democrats for Life, helped lead a coalition of pro-life leaders and organisations that I call “Pro-Life 3.0”, and engaged with people from all across the spectrum. These are the four major lessons that I have taken away from this experience.

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