Show me a parent who’s pushy, and I’ll show you a parent who cares

28 May 2015 | by Joanna Moorhead

It’s exam time, and I’m stressed out. I thought the stress was bad when I was doing my O levels; then A levels came along, and it was worse. Then I got to my degree, trickier still; then postgrad exams, and they took it to a new level.Now, though, I have experienced the mother of all exam stress. Because this time it’s not me taking the exams: I’ve got one daughter doing her finals, and another doing her GCSEs. And our house feels like a powder keg.Apparently colleges and schools are doing everything they can to help alleviate the stress exams cause: some have put up bouncy castles, where students can jump the pressures away; others have knitting groups, or meditation classes, or extra gym sessions, or even counselling. Sadly, none of these aven

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