Israel’s right to exist in principle ought to be treated as an article of faith Premium

21 August 2014 | by Clifford Longley

Twenty years before Hitler, the Jewish community in Germany was one of the best- integrated in Europe. It followed a deliberate policy of assimilation into German life and culture. Yet under the Nazis, Germany became the torch-bearer for the most extreme anti-Semitism the world has ever seen. With this sort of collective memory, it is no surprise that with rising signs of anti-Semitism across Europe, many European Jews have emigrated to Israel and many more are thinking of doing so. They can trust nobody but themselves. As somebody once said, for a Jew, paranoia is a rational response to history. Gentile promises of peace, harmony and goodwill must strike Jews as always conditional upon “as long as it still suits us”. Anything that sounds like a withdrawal of goodwill will als

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