You act with justice if you remove obstacles to living a valuable human life

31 July 2014 | by Catherine Pepinster

How we all long for a break, for a rest from the usual routine: an end to the nine-to-five, to the routines, to the worry and the stress. It is a simple thing for those of us with the wherewithal to organise it, but nigh impossible for others.That was the starting point for an innovative organisation called Women Affirming Women. And like so many successful ideas, it is a simple one. The organisation was founded in Ohio by Mary Filice, who realised that women’s lives had changed dramatically in recent decades. With so many out at work, the networks that they once had, of living alongside or close to other women, were not as strong as they once had been. And for women raising children on their own, they were not only suffering from lost companionship but they often lived on low incom

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