Columnists > A different sort of visitor to Brazil was Fr John Baptist Doyle

26 June 2014 | by Peter Stanford

A different sort of visitor to Brazil was Fr John Baptist Doyle

There are lots of figures plucked out of the air to justify the huge cost of global sporting events such as the current football World Cup in Brazil. Before and after our own 2012 Olympics, weighty reports totalled up billions and billions of pounds supposedly generated for our economy as a result of the pageant but, with too many, the link was tenuous, to say the least. Another argument made for the hefty price tag is that the competition focuses the world’s attention on the host nation. And, to be fair, there have been more reporters on the streets of Brazil than girls on the beach at Ipanema, all looking at the reality behind the economic miracle that has seen the country promoted to the champions league of developed nations. But it is all so fleeting and superficial, a warm-up f


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