‘Making a mess of the coverage of religion is now a risk the media is prepared to run’

15 May 2014 | by Clifford Longley

Alarm about “religion being driven out of the public square” is distinctively American, but can be heard in Britain too. In both cases, the suggestion is of a secularist plot designed to deprive Churches and other religious bodies of their right to a voice in public debate. But the reality is more complex.Ruth Gledhill, the last full-time religious affairs specialist on any national newspaper, is leaving her job on The Times and will not be replaced. That leaves John Bingham on The Daily Telegraph, who covers both religion and social affairs, but almost nobody else. Robert Pigott, who “does” religion for the BBC, is also moving elsewhere. But at least he is being replaced by defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt. In the case of newspapers, they will continue to repo

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