Glimpses of Eden

01 May 2014 | by Jonathan Tulloch

You can’t ask more of a pear tree. Firstly there’s the crystal icing of its blossom. Is there a more striking, whiter flower? Even on dull days like today, a blooming pear tree glistens like a constellation of gently scented stars. A touch of design genius sees that each blossom has tiny brown traceries tipped with black. All this bright white of course in time becomes one of our most delicious foods. The pear fruit, those speckled bulbs of health-packed flavour, can be eaten straight from the bough, stewed with stupendous results or made into drinks: juice, perry or a kind of cider, each scrumptious.We’re not the only ones being fed. All the pollinators enjoy the spring feast too, and in the long months between flower and fruiting, pear orchards provide a great habitat

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