‘The torrent of bad publicity for Ukip would have destroyed a normal party’ Premium

01 May 2014 | by Clifford Longley | Comments: 0

There are lies, damned lies and statistics. Mark Twain said it was Disraeli who invented that remark; some scholars suggest Mark Twain made it up himself. Whatever … There is yet another set of figures where lies and statistics are rolled into one - what people tell the pollsters, and how the media report it. Take the latest polls concerning the forthcoming European elections. Labour and Ukip are running neck and neck, with the Tories a poor third. This is despite a torrent of bad publicity for Ukip which would probably have destroyed a normal party. So are people so determined that Britain should “regain” its independence from the European Union that they will vote for anyone who will promise it, no matter how disreputable? You might think so, but various consideration ....... ....... ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........

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