‘By any definition of Catholic Social Teaching, this is a shameful and immoral cut’

16 April 2014 | by Peter Stanford

There are names aplenty, few of them kind, that have been thrown at me as a journalist, but “walkie-talkie” is new. It came my way when I recently met the remarkable Baroness Campbell of Surbiton, who prefers to be called Jane. She is leading the fight against the Coalition Government’s decision to axe the Independent Living Fund (ILF), an annual pot of £300 million that enables around 20,000 of the most severely disabled people in our society – like Jane, who has a severe form of spinal muscular atrophy – to pay for the extra support that helps them thrive in their lives and careers.Why aren’t we making more of a fuss about what promises to be the cruellest of all the cuts in this age of austerity, I asked her? Because, she replied, with the mixt

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