‘The biblical narrator of the story of Noah knocks the Gilgamesh poet into a cocked hat’ Premium

10 April 2014 | by Christopher Howse

Christopher Howse’s Presswatch

Just as the statues in church were being swaddled with purple cloth last weekend, the advertisements from rival supermarkets were getting well stuck into Easter consumption. Superior cheese, which I hadn’t previously reckoned a paschal speciality, was being pushed by Lidl under its Deluxe brand in the so-called quality press.For the advertisers, and, I’m afraid, for many of my dear colleagues in virtual Fleet Street, Easter is here already. Just as Christmas is almost over by the end of Advent, so the Resurrection requires no Passion and Death. This year there is racing on Good Friday for the first time. “Good Friday will deliver significant new revenues,” a spokesman for Great British Racing, the marketing body, told The Daily Telegraph, “and give our many d

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