‘Is a “closed door” really that definitive? Isn’t it something you can prise open?’ Premium

30 January 2014 | by Catherine Pepinster

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor delivered an important message during his homily at the ordination Mass for Mark O’Toole, the new Bishop of Plymouth, on Tuesday. He reminded the congregation that Pope Francis has stressed to nuncios that they must be careful to recommend pastors who are close to the people and who will watch over their flock. The ordination itself was also a message about the state of the Church. There was a combination of Latin and English during the Mass, plenty of lay involvement, including that of women, and many ecumenical guests. At a celebratory meal afterwards, there was no “them and us” seating arrangement. Instead, the many bishops and priests mingled with the rest. All of it suggested a Church at ease with itself. And yet, the abiding im

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