Columnists > ‘It is not easy at all to talk about personal experiences of God’

19 December 2013 | by Sara Maitland

‘It is not easy at all to talk about personal experiences of God’

As it came to an end, I was somewhat ashamed to realise how little impact I had let the Year of Faith have on me. I did not even reread the catechism as the CDF – the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – urged me to. I am not sure why this was – certainly not complacency: I know my faith needs working on in terms of knowledge and being open to growth in terms of grace. I am often curious about why something does or does not engage my imagination and energy; there frequently seems little logic or reason to it. (Why do I have a personal devotion to St Radegund? Why do clean-and-safe-water charities appeal to me? How do I choose the rather wildly assorted topics for this column? And so on.)But the point here is that in the few weeks since the Year of Faith ended, I


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