GK Chesterton identified 'an atheistic literary style' and it came to mind when I read Sir David Attenborough's comments on population control.

It should surprise nobody that the Tory MP Bill Cash has criticised Peter Sutherland's recent Heythrop lecture in which the latter argued Christians should support the EU (The Tablet, 26 October).

05 November 2013 | by James Scott, guest contributor

Franco-era beatifications did nothing to heal old wounds

Many Spaniards were greatly disappointed when the fresh winds seen blowing through the Vatican since the election of Pope Francis this spring were nowhere in evidence at the beatification of 522 martyrs from the early days of the Civil War.

05 November 2013 | by Paul Dixon, guest contributor

Swearing on the Bible should have been scrapped

On Saturday, 19 October, the Magistrates' Association rejected the proposal to end in England and Wales the swearing of oaths on the Bible and other holy books.

05 November 2013 | by Michael D Phelan

Demonising Damian

Catholics and non-Catholics have appreciated Pope Francis's message of mercy and forgiveness.

05 November 2013 | by Hans Küng

Pope Francis embodies my hopes for the Church

Since Pope Francis took office in March, almost everything he has said and done indicates that he is bent on carrying through a thorough reform of the Roman Catholic Church, beginning with the Vatican itself.

A common activity in youth work is to use the day's newspapers to help start a discussion with young people.

05 November 2013 | by Elena Curti

Christian theatre is a gift

This week, Ten Ten Theatre enjoyed a run on a West End stage. The run was only for a week, but it afforded the audience a taste of what this highly professional and original Catholic theatre company can do.

Last week the ordinariate created by Pope Benedict XVI for former Anglicans announced that a special liturgy was to be launched in London next month. It mixes the Roman Rite with material from the Book of Common Prayer. I was an Anglican rector until 1978, but was re-ordained 21 years ago to serve as an Orthodox priest. I was shown a copy of the liturgy and wanted to see how it had been put together.

The story goes that an Archbishop of Canterbury - which one, we had better not name - is speaking to a fellow-bishop and bemoaning the fact that he has virtually no authority to make anything happen. 'Your Grace,' replies the other bishop, 'You must remember that the Church of England is not one Church, but 43 separate dioceses.' A priest is in the room, overhears the conversation and interrupts: 'My Lords, the Church of England is not 43 dioceses, but 16,000 parishes.'


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