Latest Issue: 28 March 2015
28 March 2015
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02 March 2015 by Sarah Ager 1

Lent is a time of reflection when Christians seek to reconcile themselves with God and their neighbours. This year it has also taken on a special meaning for thousands of Muslims around the world who are taking part in a solidarity initiative to fast alongside Christians.

27 February 2015 by Tina Beattie30

Pope Francis has made clear that the question of married priests is open for discussion. Priestly celibacy is a discipline rather than a doctrine.

26 February 2015 by James Macintyre2

The Catholic Church’s crisp four-page letter to voters ahead of May’s general election has been welcomed in the secular right-wing media as passionately as the Church of England’s own, 52-page guide was condemned.

25 February 2015 by Chris McDonnell 5

These days the amalgamation of parishes is seen as the solution to a growing shortage of priests and a demographic shift towards towns and cities away from shrinking rural communities.

20 February 2015 by Sr Maura O'Carroll 3

After Tristram Hunt’s comments on BBC Question Time about the inadequacy of sisters as teachers, I wrote to him and sent copies of the letter to David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan.

19 February 2015 by Bishop Angaelos 1

The recent unprovoked and targeted murder of Coptic Christians in Libya has shocked many people around the world and caused immense sorrow and pain to their families and communities.

18 February 2015 by Lucy Russell 2

Ed Pawson, Chair of the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE), argues that developing young people’s “religious literacy” would help to make them less vulnerable to radicalisation. “Good religious education has never been more needed,” says Pawson.

16 February 2015 by Francis McDonagh1

They danced down the narrow street to the applause of the crowd, continuing along the street to the Black Men’s Church of Our Lady of the Rosary.

13 February 2015 by Christopher Lamb in Rome 0

With his new cardinals, Pope Francis wants a global Church focused on the world’s problems. So is Britain, once an international power, missing a trick?

13 February 2015 by Anne Street 0

Freetown’s Archbishop Edward Thamba Charles led a meeting in Parliament this week, and he explained to MPs and peers about the way faith leaders had engaged with the Ebola crisis.