DfID needs to be clearer on what its private-sector focus achieves

29 May 2015 | by Beck Wallace | Comments: 0
The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is failing to make sure that aid money it channels into projects with private sector firms is actually reducing poverty, a report from the Independent Commission on Aid Impact (ICAI) found last week.

Guess who’s ended up embodying the Big Society

29 May 2015 | by Matt Bird | Comments: 0
At the beginning of his first term as Prime Minister, faced with limited resources and growing needs across the nation, David Cameron proposed the idea of the “Big Society” – communities coming together to help and support those people most in need within them.

The Catholic Church in Ireland needs “a reality check”, the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin, said immediately after the results of the country’s historic referendum, in which the country voted overwhelmingly in favour of same-sex marriage.

A certain beauty about watching Cardinal Burke in action

29 May 2015 | by Katherine Backler | Comments: 12
Cardinal Raymond Burke’s two-day visit to Oxford was a chance for me to meet the man behind the headlines – and be surprised.

Irish vote shows the Church needs to rethink its theology of sexuality

25 May 2015 | by Ursula Halligan | Comments: 15
I wasn't present in any polling station when the votes on the same-sex marriage referendum were being counted.

Even the gangs declared a truce for Romero’s beatification

25 May 2015 | by Clare Dixon in San Salvador | Comments: 0
Torrential rain on the eve of a holiday weekend may dampen our spirits in the UK, but in drought-stricken El Salvador, Friday’s downpour heralded an auspicious start to the biggest weekend in the country’s history.

Greatest threat to Palmyra is Western apathy

22 May 2015 | by Nadim Nassar | Comments: 0
The world seems to be stunned by the rise of Islamic State, paralysed and unable to act in a coherent and effective fashion. ISIS is like a plague, spreading, infecting and destroying, yet the international community, including their leaders and organisations, is confused and helpless.

Speaking to an international group of women and men religious last Saturday, Pope Francis said that the Church needed women’s voices, input, and experiences.

High price to pay for our haphazard social care

22 May 2015 | by JudyAnn Masters | Comments: 0
The first time I went to Peter’s flat, I was overwhelmed – the stench was horrendous in spite of the windows being open. My shoes stuck to the carpet. Peter was living in squalor.

Brexit could undo 70 years of peace-building

15 May 2015 | by Brian Wicker | Comments: 2
The new Tory Government plans to scrap the Human Rights Act of 1998, which incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into British law. This is a move in exactly the wrong direction for it implies that British interests should and will replace those global concerns enshrined for us in the European Union.

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