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24 January 2015
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175th Anniversary Events
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30 May 2014 by Ed Rennie2

The tectonic plates of British politics are shifting. Ukip’s resounding victory at the European elections is a seismic tremor which saw Labour and the Tories pushed into second and third place, and the Lib Dems into fifth place behind the Greens.

30 May 2014 by Loughlin Hickey7

Six years since the financial crisis and the City is still largely as short-term profit-focused as ever. It was refreshing to hear that admitted by Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, and Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, at the Inclusive Capitalism conference in London on Tuesday.

22 May 2014 by Khataza Gondwe 0

Another week, another litany of attacks that bear the hallmarks of Boko Haram, the Islamist militia terrorising large parts of Nigeria.

16 May 2014 by Laura Keynes 2

Jackie Onassis never wrote an autobiography. She was, in the words of her biographer Sarah Bradford, “a complex woman of many facets” but above all she had a strong “desire for privacy and concealment”. If Jackie never revealed much about her private life, that was her choice.

16 May 2014 by Pippa Bonner 6

As a practising Catholic who divorced, obtained an annulment and some years later, remarried, I read with interest that Cardinal Nichols said he was struck by a comment that the Church needed to "uphold marriage but create space for where it fails."

16 May 2014 by Margaret Susan Thompson 4

In light of the generally laudatory reception of Pope Francis among US Catholics, the 30 April statement by Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has surprised, saddened, and even shocked many American Catholics.

09 May 2014 by David McLees 5

I have only recently, in advanced middle age, been received into the Catholic Church completely unexpectedly and definitely against my will, because of profound spiritual experiences.

06 May 2014 by Tina Beattie1

The persistent use of the death penalty in North America has brought widespread international condemnation, and never more so than with the so-called "botched execution" of Oklahoma death row inmate, Clayton Lockett.

02 May 2014 by Francis McDonagh2

Liberation theology has definitely come in from the cold, if the recent remarks of Cardinal Gerard Ludwig Müller are anything to go by.

02 May 2014 by Paul Doherty 3

The horrific and tragic death of Ann Maguire while she was teaching at Corpus Christi Catholic College Leeds on Monday 28 April stunned the nation, shocked the Catholic community and deeply agitated all those involved in the education and care of young people.