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20-27 December 2014
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04 April 2014 by Abigail Frymann Rouch1

Artists, said Pope Paul VI, are masters of “rendering accessible and comprehensible to the minds and hearts of our people the things of the spirit, the invisible, the ineffable, the things of God himself.”

01 April 2014 by Francis Davis20

Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth has burst on to the global religious media stage thanks to an interview he gave recently to the anti-abortion website LifeSite News.

31 March 2014 by Paul Bodenham 4

These are interesting times for economics. Just as growth is returning to the UK economy, more and more people are daring to question whether economic growth is a good thing.

28 March 2014 by Ben Ryan 0

The debate over Catholic adoption agencies and the right of homosexual couples to adopt has been rumbling a long time now, and seemed to be pretty well one-way traffic as Catholic agency after agency failed to make a strong case.

21 March 2014 by Beatrice Bull 1

It is clear from recent studies outlined by Jeremy Sutcliffe in this week’s Tablet Education Supplement that England's schools are under-achieving in maths. While I cannot deny that maths teaching requires improvement, there are a number of factors hindering the nation’s success in the subject.

20 March 2014 by Daniel Kearney 0

Whether or not you keep your Lenten pledge doesn’t really matter. Lent, thankfully, is not (or should not be) about whether we give up chocolate, crisps or alcohol – we are, invariably, the only beneficiaries of such heroic feats of abstinence.

20 March 2014 by Jim Scott 0

On 11 March Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela of Madrid presided over a state memorial service in Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral on the tenth anniversary of the Madrid train bombing which left 191 dead and almost 2,000 injured.

20 March 2014 by Maurice Ostro 0

As both a son and a son-in-law of Holocaust survivors, I was struck by the positive outlook of survivors of the Holocaust I have met, as well as those from the Cambodian and Rwandan genocides. They displayed an optimism that defied the horror of their experiences.

19 March 2014 by Elena Curti26

Just a few weeks ago Archbishop George Gänswein was insisting that it is perfectly possible to live with two masters.

14 March 2014 by Liz Dodd3

Disney’s animated blockbuster Frozen is rife with anti-Christian propaganda that brainwashes children into accepting homosexuality, according to National Catholic Register blogger Steven D. Greydanus, and more recently, Pastor Kevin Swanson of the US-based Reformation Church.