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1 August 2015
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20 January 2015 by Christopher Lamb9

Good Catholics don’t need to breed "like rabbits", says Pope Francis. Speaking on board the papal plane returning from the Philippines, he also explained he recently rebuked a woman expecting her eighth child having already had seven caesareans.

16 January 2015 by Simon Sarmiento 0

This last week the Church of England published a flurry of reports, under the general title of Reform and Renewal, on how it might reverse the slow but inexorable membership decline (1 per cent per year) that it, along with other British Churches, is experiencing.

15 January 2015 by Mustafa Baig 15

"One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith," Pope Francis said today. He condemned killing in the name of religion and said religious liberty and liberty of expression were "fundamental human rights." But he added: "There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity."

15 January 2015 by Sr Yvonne Pilarski 11

Just over three months ago I was appointed Pastoral Administrator of Christ the King, Milton Keynes, and St Bede’s, Newport Pagnell. As this is a new role I was not quite sure what it would entail, but I have come to love this challenging work.

13 January 2015 by Hannah Roberts in Paris 1

Looking at the blasted-out print works where the Kouachi brothers holed up after their campaign of terror at Charlie Hebdo last week, an elderly Parisian told me with tears in his eyes: “There is no more liberty in France.”

09 January 2015 by Katelijne Uytterhoeven 19

We are one of the oldest student associations of Belgium, the Flemish Catholic Students Union. A week ago we sent a letter to the Flemish press about some comments our bishop, Johan Bonny, made concerning homosexual couples and their place in the Church.

09 January 2015 by Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff 0

The horrifying attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were killed was manifestly an Islamist attack on a magazine which had in the gunmen's view, committed a blasphemy that therefore deserved violent retribution.

08 January 2015 by Susan Munroe 0

On 12 January Pope Francis will begin a three-day visit to Sri Lanka instigated by the Catholic Church, who invited him to canonise a seventeenth-century priest and missionary, Blessed Fr Joseph Vaz, as the country’s first saint.

02 January 2015 by Alex Brummer 4

The very idea that a major publisher, HarperCollins, would release an atlas for use by English-speaking children in schools in the Middle East which fails to show Israel is outrageous.

02 January 2015 by Bishop Alan Wilson 6

Hogmanay this week saw Scotland’s first same-sex marriages. Substantially over 600 million people now live in jurisdictions that allow gay people to marry. Jesus taught his followers to be watchful for the signs of the times.