06 February 2017 | by Tom Heneghan from Paris

The 'rise and fall' of a Catholic moment in French politics

It was nice while it lasted. Just a few weeks ago, France’s elusive 'Catholic vote' looked like it was coming back into focus after years of only blurry shapes on pollsters’ radar screens. The faithful have voted for all kinds of candidates in recent decades, so they didn’t seem to play a decisive role, and politicians cared less and less about them. That changed last November with the conservative Les Republicains party’s primary to choose a presidential candidate.

02 February 2017 | by Nathan Jeffay from Jerusalem

Will Washington’s ‘Pharaoh’ bring trouble or plenty to Israel?

In the second Tablet World feature bringing in-depth views from around the world, our Jerusalem correspondent Nathan Jeffay questions if new warmth from Washington is really in the country’s best interests..

In the first of a regular feature for The Tablet online, our regional correspondents probe behind the scenes to bring us an in-depth view of the big stories around the world. First up is our US correspondent Michael Sean Winters who takes a look at Donald Trump's US presidential inauguration...

Pressure on the Knights of Malta is growing after new evidence emerged that Pope Francis never asked for Cardinal Raymond Burke and the Knights of Malta leadership to sack a senior official in a row about the distribution of condoms...

A papal commission is underway investigating the sacking of Albrecht von Boeselager, a senior figure in the Order of Malta, accused of supporting an organisation distributing condoms in Myanmar.

Eleanor Margetts, pictured, a volunteer with Wellspring Community in Brighton, East Sussex, won a competition to travel to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis and present her ideas on how the Church is getting young Catholics to take a lead on providing solutions to global problems to a joint Vatican-UN symposium at the end of October. Here she shares her experience with

On Saturday Pope Francis placed red hats on the heads of seventeen new cardinals, inducting them into the world’s most exclusive club where members are typically known as Princes of the Church. But Francis has repeatedly stressed that being a cardinal is not about status but service and has now made it his mission to give red hats to the unambitious, pastorally minded, serving in some of the most far-flung, and dangerous, parts of the world...

A former Harvard professor argues that 'The Donald' could win next week because behind the misogynistic, bombastic stench of Trump is the sweet smell of freedom from a corrupt establishment represented by Hillary Clinton

Author and campaigner Tim Gee guides us through the Calais refugee camp - dubbed 'the Jungle' - as French authorities go through the process of dismantling it and moving refugees to alternative accommodation - some to the south of France and others across northern France and a few across the Channel to Britain...

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