Latest Issue: 28 November 2015
28 November 2015
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17 April 2015 by Fr Paul Lansu 3

This month, after a nine-year legal battle, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a plan by the Israeli Government to extend the so-called Security Wall through the Cremisan Valley in the Bethleham district.

10 April 2015 by Chris Fegan 2

10 April 2015 by Denis MacShane 2

There is a Catch-22 in the election which no one so far has noticed. As David Cameron and Ed Miliband square off, an electorate disenchanted with traditional politics seems to be yawning.

10 April 2015 by Fr Ashley Beck 14

It is more than 20 years since a significant number of Anglican clergy and laypeople became Catholics at roughly the same time; it is also over four years since Pope Benedict XVI established the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. I was in the former category.

06 April 2015 by Paul Donovan5

There was much media coverage of a letter from 100 business leaders to the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday praising the Coalition Government’s economic strategy over the past five years.

02 April 2015 by Michael Phelan30

A Call to Action (ACTA) is a movement of more than 2,000 lay and ordained Catholics that was founded by seven priests towards the end of Pope Benedict XVI’s papacy.

01 April 2015 by Brendan McCarthy 20

In recent weeks, we’ve had many Letters to the Editor, on a rough count 100 or so, on the subject of Fr Gerald O’Collins’ appeal to the world’s English-speaking bishops calling for the abandonment of the translation of the Mass at present in use.

01 April 2015 by Jacquie Hughes 3

“Easter is not just one of the most important moments in the Christian calendar; it is also for the BBC the best way of illustrating its commitment to programming in this area.” This bold statement accompanying the BBC’s release of its Easter broadcast schedule seems – on the face of it - justified by a strong and varied slate of programming.

28 March 2015 by Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald 1

The Grand Mufti of Egypt recently issued a statement on terrorism and extremism, saying that the violence that has been and is still being perpetrated is condemned as being “a complete violation of Islamic law and norms”.

27 March 2015 by Jimmy Burns 1

Cologne’s cardinal, Rainer Maria Woelki, has shown a touch of the populist as well as of a pastor, worthy of Pope Francis, in his attempt to check the vainglorious claims by FIFA president Sepp Blatter that football’s international governing body represents a greater universal benefit to society than religion.