Latest Issue: 28 March 2015
28 March 2015
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175th Anniversary Events


05 September 2014 by Mgr Andrew Burnham 1

During my lifetime there have been remarkable developments at Walsingham: a substantial building programme at the Anglican shrine and at the Catholic shrine, the new buildings at the Slipper Chapel showing something of the burgeoning interest of the general public.

05 September 2014 by Mgr Mark Langham 0

It was at one of the large Papal Masses regularly held in St Peter's Basilica that the nature of the Roman Curia first presented itself to me.

04 September 2014 by Joe Ware, Christian Aid 0

“An archbishop, a rabbi, an imam and an ayatollah walk into a church,” sounds like the start of a bad joke but it's actually a reasonable description of Wednesday's vigil for Iraq outside Westminster Abbey.

03 September 2014 by Charlotte Keenan, CEO of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation 3

Tony Blair was recently awarded the Philanthropist of the Year Award from GQ on 2 September in recognition of his charity work both at home and abroad. The social media discussions and other reaction, as ever intense, have asked the question - why?

28 August 2014 by Daniel Kearney 0

A starving African child is cradled in his helpless mother’s arms. “I wish we were whales”, he says. This was only a cartoon in a Religious Studies textbook but it provoked discussion and pointed to a hard fact in our world: animals sometimes engender more sympathy and concern than human beings.

22 August 2014 by Francis Davis5

The lead story in today’s Times – “Hundreds more UK Muslims choose jihad than army” - should provoke grave concern for its inference that Muslim Britons are disloyal subjects, and tend towards extremism.

22 August 2014 by Chris McDonnell 8

There are times in all our lives when an event is transformative, when something happens that makes a difference; there is a step-change and the person we were before is radically different from the person we become. There is no going back.

15 August 2014 by Nathan Chase 4

The blogosphere has been alight talking about the new circular letter issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW) on the Ritual Expression of the Gift of Peace at Mass.

14 August 2014 by Baroness Warsi 2

The appalling killing of Christians and Yazidis and others by an advancing brutal group, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), has brought once largely academic discussions around religious freedom into our living rooms.