Pope Benedict’s Good Friday prayer caused huge offence and should go

26 June 2015 | by Sr Margaret Shepherd | Comments: 16
Bishop Mussinghoff’s request that Pope Francis revoke the Good Friday prayer for the Jewish people according to the Tridentine Rite has come at a fitting moment in this year of the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate, the groundbreaking Second Vatican Council declaration that set the Church on a new path of dialogue with the Jewish people.

Should the Church come between Christ and his flock?

26 June 2015 | by Bill Wright | Comments: 5
Those who have advocated a “penitential pathway” for divorced and remarried couples to travel on if they want to receive Communion – including the unnamed advocates in the just-released working document – or Instrumentum Laboris – for October’s Synod on the Family – rarely develop the proposal.

The excellent papal encyclical Laudato si’ is addressed to everybody but it challenges Catholics in particular to address the effects of climate change. In England and Wales environmental initiatives by Catholics thus far have been limited – the responsibility for such things in the most part being passed to the bishops’ overseas aid and development charity, Cafod.

European ambivalence to migrants is staggering – and hypocritical

24 June 2015 | by Karolina Babicka | Comments: 2
After migrants yesterday tried to board lorries held up by striking ferry workers in Calais, David Cameron on Wednesday said that the UK needs to work with European partners to stop the problem "at source", breaking the link between travelling to Europe by boat and "getting settlement" in Europe.

The Pope is right: we must do more to protect our Common Home

19 June 2015 | by David Nussbaum, Chief Executive of WWF UK | Comments: 1
Planet Earth is, as the sub-title of the Pope’s new encyclical calls it, the “common home” for humanity. And it’s a home that is increasingly falling into disrepair, due to lack of care by the tenants to whom it has been entrusted.

Laudato Si’ needs to shake politicians into action

18 June 2015 | by Philippa Bonella | Comments: 2
The publication by Pope Francis of Laudato Si’: On the care of our common home is a huge contribution to the debate on the environment around the world.

Protecting the environment: the Pope fills the leadership gap left by the world's politicians

18 June 2015 | by Professor Lord Nicholas Stern | Comments: 3
The publication of the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’: On the Care of Our Common Home is of enormous significance. He has shown great wisdom and leadership.

Pope’s abuse tribunal should also lift the lid on historic cases

15 June 2015 | by Danny Sullivan | Comments: 2
On 10 June Pope Francis’ “C9” advisory group of cardinals had one of their regular meetings with him, and if we needed persuading that Pope Francis was serious about reform, the three matters reported on related to: the Vatican finances and how they were overseen, the reorganisation of Vatican communications and radical proposals from the Vatican Commission for the Protection of Minors.

Northern Ireland needs a biblical solution to the gay cake row

10 June 2015 | by Maria Exall, Cutting Edge Consortium | Comments: 7
The vote last month on same sex marriage in the Republic of Ireland represents a sea change in social attitudes and brings into stark relief the rejection (four times so far) by the Northern Ireland Assembly of equal marriage legislation.

The immediate negative response of those opposed to any form of assisted dying to the reintroduction of Lord (Charles) Falconer’s bill typifies the polarised and emotive nature of the debate thus far.

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