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1 November 2014
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24 January 2014 by Catherine Pepinster6

Food poverty, fuel poverty, school uniform poverty – poverty nowadays gets to be labelled. But really, it’s just poverty. If you can’t afford to eat, the chances are you can’t afford to heat your house or buy your kids clothes.

24 January 2014 by Liz Dodd3

Attitudes to the internet have gone topsy-turvy. Trendy lifestyle gurus are advising people to slow down and switch off, to distance themselves from the overwhelming 24-7 world of social media. But this week the Church effectively told Catholics to speed up and plug in.

17 January 2014 by Edd Bartlett0

Recently on a slightly alcohol-fuelled night out I had a moment of madness and invited one of my agnostic friends along to evening prayer at Plymouth Cathedral.

17 January 2014 by Fr Kawas François SJ 0

The Catholic Church in Haiti and all the Haitian people were surprised and happy when the good news came - that we were to get our first cardinal.

17 January 2014 by Amy Cummings, in Bangui, Central African Republic 0

As I slowly wake up, I step outside to see the sun rising over the Oubangui River, and I hear a fisherman yelling, 'vive la liberté', followed by loud cheering.

16 January 2014 by Abigail Frymann Rouch5

Today was a first in some ways – but not in as many as some would have hoped.

10 January 2014 by Michael Walsh 5

There was no British voice in the conclave that elected Pope Francis.

09 January 2014 by James Roberts0

May I take gentle issue with the view expressed by Daniel Kearney in his blog of 2 January that “kids don’t get prayer’?

08 January 2014 by Christopher Lamb0

I met Paul Goggins on a freezing Friday night in November 2012 in Manchester. We were addressing a gathering of the Manchester University Catholic Chaplaincy’s Faith and Politics Society.

07 January 2014 by Michael Knowles 14

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read your report “Dioceses face up to having fewer priests” (The Tablet, 4 January). I wasn't astonished by the numbers provided from two dioceses, Birmingham and Northampton, of churches closing and the parishes being amalgamated,