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27 September 2014
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20 December 2013 by Ken Phelan 2

The best run companies understand the importance of diversity in their leadership, the Executive Suite and the Board of Directors. A broad range of perspectives and experience leads to better decision-making and minimises risk. The Catholic Church needs to learn this lesson.

20 December 2013 by Francis Davis 2

Biteback publishing launched the autobiography of John Biffen last week. Biffen, lest anyone forget, served as a minister under Mrs Thatcher. The book is particularly striking as it reveals that throughout his political career he faced debilitating depression.

11 December 2013 by Fr Robert Kaggwa 4

Pope Francis’ comments on the need for the Church to develop non-Western expressions of the faith are a breath of fresh air. In his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium he wrote: “We cannot demand that peoples of every continent, in expressing their Christian faith ...

10 December 2013 by Fr Rampe Hlobo SJ 4

During the dark days of apartheid, each time a freedom fighter was killed by the security service or even by the orchestrated “black on black” violence, one of the mourners would shout “A spear has fallen!” and the rest of the crowd would then respond in a very loud and strong voice: “Pick it up!”

10 December 2013 by Marie Collins 3

The news that the Vatican is to set up a commission focused on safeguarding children and caring for victims of abuse is welcome. I would have been more impressed if it had been set up ten years ago as it certainly should.

06 December 2013 by Dr Anna Rowlands and Dr Mark Hayes 2

In Evangelii Gaudium Pope Francis says what no politician will: radical inequality of income is a fundamental social issue, a threat to basic wellbeing, to social participation and to peace.

06 December 2013 by Bishop John Arnold 1

This week Bishop John Arnold, an auxiliary in Westminster, travelled to the Phillipinnes with the Catholic charity Cafod. Here he writes of the tragic devastation he found in areas wrecked by last month’s typhoon – and a thankfulness and a lack of anger that surprised aid workers

04 December 2013 by Philip Booth 24

Pope Francis had some dismissive things to say about the market economy and globalisation in his apostolic exhortation. Disappointingly, however, there was much use of the rhetorical tactic of knocking down straw men.

29 November 2013 by Michael Phelan1

There is only a matter of days for Catholics to communicate to the Vatican their views on sensitive issues such as birth control, divorce, and gay marriage.

28 November 2013 by Elena Curti in Hebron 0

Thousands of Palestinians attended the funerals on Wednesday of three men killed the previous day by the Israeli army in the West Bank city of Hebron.