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25 October 2014
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09 January 2014 by James Roberts0

May I take gentle issue with the view expressed by Daniel Kearney in his blog of 2 January that “kids don’t get prayer’?

08 January 2014 by Christopher Lamb0

I met Paul Goggins on a freezing Friday night in November 2012 in Manchester. We were addressing a gathering of the Manchester University Catholic Chaplaincy’s Faith and Politics Society.

07 January 2014 by Michael Knowles 14

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read your report “Dioceses face up to having fewer priests” (The Tablet, 4 January). I wasn't astonished by the numbers provided from two dioceses, Birmingham and Northampton, of churches closing and the parishes being amalgamated,

03 January 2014 by Christopher Lamb6

The story of a 42-year-old priest found dead in his car outside a supermarket near Luton is sad enough.

02 January 2014 by Daniel Kearney 3

I was attempting to explain the concept of prayer to my year 7 class. It was not going well – objectives were not being met! The concept of “talking to God” was falling on stony ground.

30 December 2013 by Liz Dodd1

The Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, Kieran Conry, is right to warn against confining Christmas to the “narrow focus” of family celebrations.

29 December 2013 by Br Toby Lees OP 0

Reflecting on my first Christmas as a Dominican, I realised that until last year I had lived the seasons of Christmas and Advent back to front.

28 December 2013 by Fr Frank Mulgrew 0

Did you hear the old gag about the kid who got a peanut stuck in his ear? He shoved a bar of chocolate in and it came out a treat!

27 December 2013 by Carlisle Baker-Jackson 0

This Christmas for me is going to be different from others because even though I have been away from home before, this is the first year I'll have been homeless for Christmas.

26 December 2013 by Alice Long 0

This is technically my first Christmas as a mother, but by Christmas 2012 our son was already a presence in our lives.