Latest Issue: 29 August 2015
29 August 2015
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06 February 2015 by Catherine Pepinster19

In 2015 public figures, especially politicians, don’t attack gays. They don’t diss the disabled and they don’t have a go at ethnic minorities. Quite right too.

06 February 2015 by David Albert Jones 3

On Tuesday the House of Commons approved regulations on what is euphemistically called "mitochondrial donation".

04 February 2015 by from The Tablet archive 0

Pope Francis approved a decree stating that Archbishop Oscar Romero was killed in "hatred of the faith", paving the way for his beatification. The Salvadoran prelate was gunned down by a right-wing death squad linked to the Government of the day.

02 February 2015 by Gemma Simmonds 8

The Pontifical Council for Culture is meeting from 4-7 February to discuss women’s cultures: equality and difference.

30 January 2015 by Fr Ashley Beck 16

On Monday, Candlemas, Revd Philip North will be consecrated as the Anglican Suffragan Bishop of Burnley, a week after the consecration of the Revd Libby Lane as Suffragan Bishop of Stockport, both in York Minster.

29 January 2015 by Katharine Welby-Roberts 1

All of us will know someone with a mental health problem. We don’t always know which of our friends, family or colleagues has a mental health problem, but that doesn’t change the fact someone we know will be suffering – and probably in silence.

28 January 2015 by Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff 0

Quite why flags in this country should have flown at half mast for the death of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Friday has perplexed many and enraged not a few.

27 January 2015 by Ben Ryan 1

In November last year Pope Francis delivered a speech to the European parliament that caught many off guard. Though Francis introduced his words as “a message of hope and encouragement to all the citizens of Europe” the headlines and those listening were more taken with an unexpectedly critical description of Europe as a “‘grandmother’, no longer fertile and vibrant.”

23 January 2015 by Tina Beattie15

It has been an interesting month for Catholic gender politics. First, the Pontifical Council for Culture announced that its 4-7 February assembly would be on “Women’s Cultures: Equality and Difference”.

23 January 2015 by Kate Baldwin 4

Stories of Christians being disciplined for expressing their views in the workplace are depressingly commonplace. But news of magistrate Richard Page being reported to the judicial watchdog for voicing reservations about gay adoption came just a week after 1.5 million people, including our Prime Minister, marched in Paris in defence of freedom of speech.