06 December 2013 | by Dr Anna Rowlands and Dr Mark Hayes

On the economy, Francis says what no politician will

In Evangelii Gaudium Pope Francis says what no politician will: radical inequality of income is a fundamental social issue, a threat to basic wellbeing, to social participation and to peace.

04 December 2013 | by Philip Booth

Has Pope Francis misunderstood the market economy?

Pope Francis had some dismissive things to say about the market economy and globalisation in his apostolic exhortation. Disappointingly, however, there was much use of the rhetorical tactic of knocking down straw men.

There is only a matter of days for Catholics to communicate to the Vatican their views on sensitive issues such as birth control, divorce, and gay marriage.

28 November 2013 | by Bernadette Farrell

It’s not the composer’s place to denigrate worship styles

What makes good liturgy? The Prophet Micah poses the same question: What worship does God require? And the answer has no solutions for the liturgy or music committee. No recipe. Only this: do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8).

So finally here it is – Pope Francis’ first major document since his election. Swooping from the role of the papacy to the detail of parish life, Evangelii Gaudium covers a broad horizon of points – some insights, some observations, some criticisms.

28 November 2013 | by Elena Curti in Hebron

Hebron: where a history of violence repeats itself

Thousands of Palestinians attended the funerals on Wednesday of three men killed the previous day by the Israeli army in the West Bank city of Hebron.

22 November 2013 | by Brendan McCarthy, The Tablet's Arts Editor

James MacMillan is right: when it comes to music at Mass, less is more

Several days ago in his blog on The Telegraph website, the composer James MacMillan said he would no longer write congregational music for the Catholic Church. His principal reason was the need to reassert “Gregorian plainsong as the very sound of Catholicism”

21 November 2013 | by Fr Peter Day, guest contributor

Women in the Church: how far can we go?

Have you noticed how often women are the central figures in Jesus’ life?

Two contrasting images stuck fast in my mind last week. The first was a young Filipina girl on the evening news shown rammed against an iron gate pleading for water, the other, two boys in the playground of the school where I am headmaster, squirting water at each other.

15 November 2013 | by Dani Clark

Let’s hear it for the World Bank – no, really

In 1996, flanked by 20 or so fellow Catholic justice and peace activists, I stood outside the World Bank and prayed for the poor people who – I was told – were exploited by the institution. Looking down at my Birkenstocks, I wondered, "What does the World Bank do, anyway?" I was 21.


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