Thirty years ago when working in the Today programme production office I often heard grumblings about Thought for the Day from fellow journalists, with sentiments being expressed that were much the same as those recently shared by John Humphrys and other presenters in a Radio Times interview.

Representing the interests of Donald Trump’s administration to Pope Francis and the Vatican is going to require a considerable feat of diplomatic tightrope walking. Callista Gingrich, the United States President’s choice as his Ambassador to the Holy See, is already getting a taste of the balancing act she’ll be required to carry out should her position be confirmed.

There was no process, no formal hearing and no appraisal. Within one minute of their meeting starting, Pope Francis had informed Cardinal Gerhard Müller he was being relieved of his duties as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith...

Incidences of women being involved in extremist attacks are occurring abroad. As tactical innovations in extremist groups occur worldwide, the UK is, and will continue to be, impacted writes Rachel Bryson, researcher at think tank, Religion & Geopolitics, into global incidents of violent and non-violent extremism.

Dr Sean Carey, an honorary senior research fellow in the School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester, discusses the wall of virtue after the terrorist attack on the Manchester Arena on Monday night...

The Pope got more than he bargained for when The Tablet's Rome correspondent thrust a copy of this week's edition into his hands...

Over the weekend, Cardinal Robert Sarah, who runs the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, argued in a message that those promoting a 'modern liturgy' had caused disaster, devastation and schism by trying to reduce the Mass into a 'simple convivial meal'...

The day after the terrorist attack on Westminster for which Islamic State claimed credit

Michael O'Riordan writes from South Sudan where he is working with Cafod distributing desperately needed food aid in Yirol, which is in a state of famine.

Vatican expert who has hosted politicians from Tony Blair to Lady Thatcher has some advice for the new US President.


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