Letters written by Saint John Paul II reveal his deep humanity

15 February 2016 | by Christopher Lamb in Rome

There are no new revelations but an insight into the intensity of the relationship with Tymieniecka

He is a former Pope who was made a saint in record time. John Paul II was a man of extraordinary charisma who helped bring down the Iron Curtain and with his deep, almost monastic spirituality led the Church for over 30 years. They are almost superhuman feats.   But today we learn something deeply human about him.  Letters uncovered by Ed Stourton for the BBC Panorama programme reveal he had an emotionally intense relationship with a Polish philosopher and married woman, Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka. The two appear to have fallen in love.   It should be pointed out that the friendship between John Paul II and Tymieniecka had been well-documented.  In his biography on John Paul II: Universal Father, Garry O’Connor wrote that the two had an "unusually intense relati

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