Finance and Vatileaks becomes a pressing issue as 2015 draws to a close for Pope Francis

17 December 2015 | by Christopher Lamb in Rome

As 2015 draws to a close, Pope Francis today celebrates his 79th birthday and a few days later will address the Roman Curia with the traditional “end of term” report.  But don’t expect him to use these moments to pat himself or others in Rome on the back. Last year’s speech to the curia is still etched on people’s minds as a brutal assessment of the organisations ills which he cited as ambition, gossip and poor co-ordination.  And reform of the Church’s central bureaucracy remains a key priority of this pontificate with nothing more pressing than ensuring finances are under control. While on the one hand the Pope wants to see decentralisation from Rome to local churches he is exerting an increasingly tight grip on money. His guiding pr

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