Ruth Gledhill

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  1. When the stained-glass ceiling cracked
  2. In the frame
  3. 'I got myself a stepladder and a pair of scissors': 77-year old nun explains why she tore down Jihadi flag in London estate
  4. Nichols and Welby back abuse inquiry
  5. Four Catholic cathedrals to benefit from government grant
  6. Fears that push for abortion to be included in Development Goals
  7. Women bishops obstacle on the path to unity
  8. Nichols joins faith leaders in condemning assisted dying bill
  9. Assisted dying legislation passes despite faith leaders' campaigning
  10. Welby asks Catholic and Orthodox not to give up on C of E
  11. Church puts abuse survivors at heart of safeguarding
  12. Tragic loss of Evangelical bishop and close friend of Pope
  13. Prince Charles 'planning to meet Anglican vicar of Baghdad'
  14. Radical plan for Birmingham church-council collaboration
  15. New figures show almost 400 Catholic priests were Anglicans
  16. Police question Bishop of Gloucester over assault
  17. Warsi's resignation over Gaza war leaves Catholic Church 'exposed'
  18. Church of England reaps almost £400 million selling Mayfair asset
  19. Religious Studies numbers double but expert issues warning
  20. University drops theology and ministry programme
  21. Catholic charity welcomes Cameron’s family drive
  22. Push for abortion to be included in next development goals
  23. Churches support abuse inquiry
  24. Synod to discuss tough safeguarding rules
  25. Catholic cathedrals benefit from £5 million grant
  26. Faith leaders condemn Falconer bill
  27. Church builds bridges with abuse survivors
  28. ‘Deep disquiet’ over Assisted Dying Bill
  29. Tragic loss ahead of meeting with Francis
  30. Radical plan for Church and council to work together
  31. Almost 400 Catholic priests once Anglicans
  32. Christians gear up to mark Great War anniversary
  33. Bishops lament departure of Warsi
  34. Canon threatens legal action over job withdrawal
  35. Gloucester bishop questioned by police for indecent assault
  36. Nun who removed Islamic flag appeals for peace
  37. Mayfair land sale nets church £381m
  38. Top university drops theology and ministry programme
  39. Religious studies numbers double but expert issues warning
  40. Cameron family drive backed by Marriage Care
  41. Travelodge criticised for removing Bibles from rooms
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