Latest Issue: 27 September 2014
27 September 2014
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Hannah Roberts in Rome

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  1. Church urged to be more open in debate
  2. You are all the Pope’s men, Francis tells bickering bishops
  3. Priests’ lovers in heartfelt appeal to lift Church’s ‘wall of silence’
  4. Mass at papal residence for abuse victims
  5. ­Ciao, ciao, bambino
  6. Helping economic migrants ‘could curtail human trafficking’
  7. Prayers for Israel and Palestine, a region ‘aching for peace’
  8. Clean sweep of watchdog board
  9. Gypsies urged to come in from the margins to share in common good
  10. Francis will retire ‘as Benedict did, when the Lord sends a sign’
  11. Migrants throw down a challenge by squatting in basilica
  12. Summertime, and the living is a little bit easier - but still no holiday
  13. Hospital visit will highlight end-of-life controversy
  14. Francis says economy causes low birthrate
  15. ‘Don Mercedes’ banished to a life of penitence
  16. Legionaries prepare to move on
  17. New board takes over at the Vatican bank
  18. Pope seeks forgiveness of abuse victims at historic meeting
  19. Salute to Mafia man ‘perversion of religion’
  20. ‘One in 50 priests a paedophile’
  21. Row flares over care-home visit
  22. Francis ‘plotting a path to unity with the Orthodox Churches’
  23. Ibrahim’s faith ‘never wavered’ during ordeal
  24. Faithful told a handshake will suffice at Mass
  25. Parolin calls for increased peace effort
  26. Francis brings in elderly rebel from the cold
  27. Fresh hope for migrants
  28. Francis sends envoy to victims of Islamist terror in Iraq
  29. Protesters occupy square of papal Mass
  30. We are in the midst of a Third World War, says Pope
  31. Francis’ humility well received in ‘showy’ culture
  32. Father of ferry disaster victim baptised
  33. Drive to end slavery
  34. Wish he was here
  35. Parolin says family must be protected from dissolution
  36. Pressure mounts for discussion on reform
  37. ‘Religious leaders must cooperate to resolve conflicts’
  38. Francis celebrates weddings that reflect ‘modern matrimony’
  39. Lament over folly of war
  40. Hint of a thaw in relations with Beijing
  41. Terrorists ‘twist words of Qur’an’
  42. Annulment process under scrutiny
  43. Rome conference trains priests and laity in exorcisms
  44. Sanctity of life vital alongside fighting poverty, Pope tells UN
  45. Bishop calls for Church to listen to calls for Communion for divorcees
  46. Pope Francis to shun bullet-proof vehicle on Holy Land visit
  47. Francis calls for action on migrants as tensions rise in Italy and Libya
  48. Pope cancels appointments and visit to Marian shrine
  49. Pope to visit native Argentina in 2016, say local government officials
  50. Vatican bank watchdog reports progress but 'still a way to go'
  51. Priests’ lovers urge Francis to re-think mandatory celibacy
  52. Second UN panel condemns Vatican’s record on abuse
  53. Make economic migration easier, Pope urges governments
  54. Pope to visit mafia region that claimed lives of two three-year-olds
  55. Pope sacks whole board of Vatican bank watchdog
  56. Israeli and Palestinian presidents join Francis to pray for peace
  57. Italian nun triumphs in finals of television talent show The Voice
  58. Pope Francis cancels engagements for second day
  59. Retired justice and peace head named top-ranking cardinal
  60. Francis says he will retire ‘like Benedict’
  61. Pope Francis refuses to meet with migrants at Santa Maria Maggiore
  62. Vatican approves International Association of Exorcists
  63. Church in Italy considers godparent ban in order to weaken mafia ties
  64. Pope asks sex abuse victims for forgiveness in three-hour meeting
  65. Pope Francis appoints new head of Vatican bank
  66. Francis: one in 50 clerics are paedophiles
  67. Sudanese Christian saved from death row meets Pope
  68. Pope Francis 'could invite Orthodox to help run the Church'
  69. Vatican calls for more sober, less worldly greeting at sign of peace
  70. Vatican decries couple’s alleged rejection of Down’s baby
  71. Pope lifts suspension of rebel D'Escoto Brockmann, 81
  72. Francis will travel to Tamil territory next year
  73. Parolin indicates reform might not be Synod's main focus
  74. Elderly Catholic nuns beheaded in shocking ‘vendetta’ attack in Africa
  75. Francis blesses Vatican cricket team
  76. Cardinals tasked with reform complete draft constitution
  77. Pope condemns violence committed in name of religion
  78. Pope's zucchetto set to fetch £70,000 on eBay
  79. Married couples will have major role in Synod on family, cardinal reveals
  80. Francis removes Paraguayan bishop
  81. Pope Emeritus to appear at grandparents event