Hannah Roberts in Rome

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  1. Letter from Rome
  2. Letter from Rome
  3. Letter from Rome
  4. ‘There is already a lot of confusion’
  5. Letter from Rome
  6. ‘Men and women like us’
  7. Witness to the world’s poor
  8. ‘If not now, under Francis, when?’
  9. Vatican says Italian diocese facing investigation
  10. Scrap Halloween celebrations, says exorcist
  11. Pope: caring about the poor doesn't make me a communist
  12. Liverpudlian archbishop moved to top post in Vatican
  13. No word against communism as Francis marks fall of Berlin Wall
  14. Pope approves showers for rough sleepers in St Peter's Square
  15. Top award for Vatican astronomer and Tablet contributor
  16. Francis raffles off official gifts for charity, top prize a papal-white Fiat
  17. Francis says speculation on food commodities keeps the poor hungry
  18. Plea for Catholics to embrace children with autism
  19. Faith leaders calmed tensions after Lee Rigby killing, says ambassador
  20. Pope blames Syria's arms suppliers for chemical weapons attacks
  21. Pope calls time on 'rigid' Swiss Guards chief
  22. Pope: I am too old to do anything other than be myself
  23. Prosecutor freezes accounts of two former heads of Vatican bank
  24. Women theologians are 'the strawberry on the cake', says Pope
  25. Francis backs Italy’s 2024 Olympic bid – 'though I might not see them'
  26. Pope tells Gypsies to contribute to the common good
  27. Pope: Stephen’s martyrdom strips Christmas of saccharine-sweetness
  28. Warnings of violence in Sri Lanka before Francis’ arrival
  29. Pope receives transgendered man at Vatican
  30. Chief organiser hopes synod will listen to ‘irregular’ families
  31. China tells Vatican not to interfere in its internal affairs
  32. Archbishops to receive pallium in their dioceses
  33. Vatican downplays warning of Islamic State attack
  34. Barbers to give homeless a haircut in St Peter's Square
  35. Child porn possession among Vatican crimes recorded last year
  36. Pope Francis 'truly sorry' for telling Catholics not to 'breed like rabbits'
  37. Abuse survivor says Pope is wrong on smacking
  38. Pope tells Greece’s bishops to counter nation’s pessimism
  39. Islamist plot to kill Francis uncovered during Philippines visit, say officials
  40. Official guidelines tell homilists to stick to the point
  41. Bertone 'victimised' for trying to push abuse reform
  42. Issue of ordaining married men 'is in Pope's diary'
  43. Michelangelo theft was 'an inside job'
  44. Pope Francis says he may be killed but 'let it not hurt'
  45. Ambassador denies hearing Aldo Moro’s last confession
  46. Italian bishops defend Dolce and Gabbana
  47. Cardinal meets refugees ‘living the sufferings of Christ’
  48. Francis highlights 'barbarous violence' against Christians
  49. Church must be an oasis of mercy, says Pope announcing Jubilee Year
  50. Increase in demand for exorcisms leads to training for lay and clergy
  51. 6,000 refugees rescued from Med in one weekend
  52. ‘I’m a bit old and ill,’ admits Pope Francis
  53. Pope to Caritas: you are witnesses to Christ, not just charity workers
  54. Trust lay people to live out their vocations, Pope tells Italian bishops
  55. Caritas consultant accused of embezzlement in migrants scandal
  56. Pope Francis to open hostel for homeless people near St Peter's
  57. Francis praises ‘modernising’ Paul VI
  58. Pope insists Middle East ‘must keep its Christians’
  59. Gay marriage registration ‘illegitimate’
  60. Interfaith dialogue can undermine truth – Benedict XVI
  61. Pope calls for end to capital punishment
  62. Francis promotes Englishman to high Vatican office
  63. Abuse hearings streamlined to relieve increasing logjam at CDF
  64. Showers for homeless in St Peter’s Square
  65. Pope alarmed by attacks on immigrant centres
  66. African conservative to lead the Congregation for Divine Worship
  67. Church must ‘mother’ migrants
  68. Faith leaders ‘calmed tensions’ after Lee Rigby killing
  69. Pope directs: ‘Give the needy access to closed monasteries’
  70. Christians and Muslims build bridges
  71. Women theologians are ‘the strawberry on the cake’
  72. Doctors refuse to perform abortions
  73. Report on women Religious heals wounds
  74. Uncompromising Francis sets priorities
  75. Corruption leaves Franciscan Order close to financial ruin
  76. Francis goes to peripheries for new cardinals
  77. Francis urges reconciliation through pursuit of truth
  78. Choudary seizes on Pope’s words
  79. Vatican sends in coadjutor to help sort out infamous diocese
  80. Vatican downplays warnings of IS attack
  81. Baldisseri names priorities for October synod
  82. Church structures ‘fail to give women appropriate decision-making roles’
  83. C9 briefs consistory on reform
  84. Stick to the point when in the pulpit
  85. Family-life harmony key to church work for women
  86. Francis calls on Greek hierarchy to counter culture of pessimism
  87. Former Secretary of State claims he was victimised
  88. All-female Iranian delegation meets Pope at the Vatican
  89. Question of married priests to be reviewed
  90. Mobsters ‘are not Christians’, declares Pope
  91. Mennini denies hearing Aldo Moro’s last confession
  92. The Church ‘must reflect full equality of men and women’
  93. Michelangelo theft was ‘an inside job’
  94. Year of Mercy ‘is a message for the October Synod’
  95. Pope tells the young: ‘Don’t give up hope’
  96. Bishops defend Dolce and Gabbana in family controversy
  97. Francis extols today’s Christian martyrs at start of Holy Week
  98. Filoni on second visit to Iraq as envoy of Pope Francis
  99. Christians must be ‘the seeds of another humanity’
  100. Cantalamessa identifies the true martyrs of our day
  101. Jubilee will make mercy ‘foundation of Church’s life’
  102. Abuse commission members see O’Malley about Barros
  103. Increase in demand for exorcisms
  104. Church leaders seek ways to end deaths in Mediterranean
  105. Citizen rescue service saves 500 as weather aids traffickers
  106. ‘Let all eat from the one garden’, Pope tells ‘Feed the World’ Expo
  107. Pope to open archives on Argentina’s ‘disappeared’
  108. ‘Francis effect’ boosts aid charity
  109. ‘Ecumenism of blood’ unites Catholics and Copts
  110. Israel condemns Holy See’s decision to recognise Palestine
  111. Francis urges cloistered nuns to engage with the world
  112. Trust indispensable laity to fulfil their vocations, says Francis
  113. Caritas caught up in scandal of millions of ‘diverted’ euros
  114. Women’s groups challenge UN sustainable development goal
  115. Bank’s profits soar
  116. Prosecutors point finger at Paglia over sale of castle in Umbria
  117. Francis meets Kirchner for fifth time as Pope
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