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  1. Any visitor will soon hear the local catchphrase ‘Hakuna Matata’ (No problems here). But bishops, government and NGOs are highlighting a very big problem
  2. Grief and suffering in the once beautiful and great multicultural city of Wau
  3. Mother of martyred nun ‘at peace’
  4. No justice for victims of election violence, say Catholic bishops after collapse of trial
  5. Sudanese cast ballot in crucial referendum for future of war-torn Darfur
  6. Slovakian missionary sister shot in South Sudan
  7. South Sudan: Missionary sister dies from wounds
  8. UN urges religious freedom in Eritrea as government cracks down on faithful
  9. South Sudanese bishops reject violence, as the country takes steps to recover from a bloody conflict
  10. Church leaders appeal for calm as South Sudan erupts in violence
  11. Catholic church built in Somaliland
  12. Alarm over state of emergency
  13. Cardinal welcomes the release of 21 Chibok girls
  14. Kenyan bishops implore doctors to end strike action
  15. Kenyan Catholic bishops ordered to pay £97,000 compensation for 'discriminatory' eviction of Muslim tenant
  16. 'Very little change' for quarter of a million refugees housed at Dadaab camp, says bishop
  17. Bishops urge Kenya’s politicians to prioritise stability
  18. Kenyan bishops urge calm as opposition rejects early results
  19. Kenyan bishops urge President elect to unite country
  20. Kenya bishops praise Supreme Court decision to nullify election vote
  21. Kenyan Cardinal appeals to politicians to use dialogue to calm the country ahead of election re-run
  22. Risk of full blown conflict and economic collapse over presidential election dispute, Kenyan bishops warn
  23. Kenyan Catholic bishops concerned as Odinga withdraws from election re-run
  24. Somali bishop calls for united effort to defeat terrorism as over 300 killed in Mogadishu bombing
  25. Kenyan bishops urge respect of individuals' rights to vote or abstain as country goes to polls for election re-run
  26. Funeral of Kenya's 'peace bishop' attended by President and crowd of 70,000


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