Fredrick Nzwili

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  1. Nobel Prize: Nomadic priest that migrants call for help
  2. Missionary medics die as ebola death toll passes 1,000
  3. Ebola crisis demands international help, warns Caritas
  4. Kenyan bishops allege ‘contraception by stealth’
  5. Priest condemns Nigerian Government failure
  6. Churches change Mass practice to combat ebola
  7. Kenyan priest sentenced to death for murdering his bishop
  8. Row over tetanus vaccine escalates in Kenya
  9. Kenyan Christians terrified after quarry massacre
  10. Priest highlights threat posed by armed gangs
  11. Soul-searching and mourning after Garissa massacre
  12. Threat to close refugee camp in Kenya
  13. Militia plotting a separate state in north-east Kenya, warns bishop
  14. Kenyan cardinal calls for dialogue at Garissa massacre memorial
  15. Church agencies forced to pull out of South Sudan
  16. Kenyan bishops to confront Obama on gay issues
  17. Short shrift for Obama’s gay rights call from Kenya's bishops after visit
  18. Kenyan bishop urges Pope to address 'death traps of radicalisation'
  19. Eruption of violence puts Pope's Africa visit in doubt
  20. Senior Catholic bishop issues stark warning over Islamic terror group in Somalia
  21. Nigerian churches ban handshake
  22. Government ceding territory to ‘caliphate’
  23. Scepticism over police account of nuns’ deaths
  24. Ebola crisis demands far more international help, Vitillo says
  25. Bishops allege ‘contraception by stealth’
  26. Priest condemns Government over Islamist fighters
  27. Church changes Mass practice to combat ebola
  28. Tetanus vaccine row escalates
  29. Christians flee after killings
  30. Civilians take up arms against Boko Haram
  31. Islamist killings mount across Africa
  32. ‘No light at end of tunnel’ as ebola spreads
  33. Armed gangs target Coptic immigrants from Egypt
  34. Bishops accuse leaders
  35. Nation mourns massacred Garissa students
  36. Threat to refugee camp that is a ‘terrorist breeding ground’
  37. Militia ‘aiming to create a separate state’ near border with Somalia
  38. Police fire on protesters after President seeks illegitimate third term
  39. Njue calls for dialogue at Garissa memorial
  40. Senior cleric dodges assassin before Mass
  41. Pledge to rebuild churches destroyed by Boko Haram
  42. Bishop’s plea to keep camp open
  43. Obama to be confronted on gay issues
  44. Obama’s gay-rights call gets short shrift
  45. Hopes that Africa visit will bring healing
  46. Welcome for initiative allowing priests to absolve sin of abortion
  47. Bishops hold back from endorsing Catholic front-runner
  48. Mass killings feared as government cracks down
  49. Al-Shabaab‘still bent on slaughter’
  50. Curb on foreign workers puts lives at risk
  51. Famine threatens east and central Africa
  52. Mother of martyred nun ‘at peace’
  53. No justice for victims of election violence, say Catholic bishops after collapse of trial
  54. Sudanese cast ballot in crucial referendum for future of war-torn Darfur
  55. Slovakian missionary sister shot in South Sudan
  56. South Sudan: Missionary sister dies from wounds
  57. UN urges religious freedom in Eritrea as government cracks down on faithful
  58. South Sudanese bishops reject violence, as the country takes steps to recover from a bloody conflict
  59. Church leaders appeal for calm as South Sudan erupts in violence
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