Latest Issue: 20 September 2014
20 September 2014
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James Macintyre

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  1. Egan under fire over plan to deny Communion to dissenting MPs
  2. Nichols calls for cultural change in business
  3. Shock at practice of burning foetuses as ‘waste’ in hospitals
  4. Free-school row over cardinal’s alma mater
  5. Stop moralising on the family, Church urged
  6. Cameron comes out against assisted dying ahead of debate in the Lords
  7. Catholic schools in Plymouth to become academies
  8. Friar who downloaded child porn spared jail
  9. Pope and Queen meet
  10. Equality Commission questions Catholic adoption agency victory
  11. Belfast council to invite Francis to visit
  12. School to be an Anglican academy
  13. Fears over 18-rated violent computer games
  14. Chapel project gets first slice of £1.2m grant
  15. Ordinariate leader says growth is too slow
  16. Peace bid by No. 10 over Nichols row
  17. £1m debt forces cutbacks at cathedral
  18. Passion play cancelled after red-tape mix-up
  19. Time is of the essence for restoration bids
  20. Time is of the essence for restoration bids
  21. Reach out to Muslims, says Birmingham’s archbishop
  22. Canonisations to be shown live in 3-D
  23. Smith: Pope wants end to Church’s bad habits
  24. Four popes, two saints, a party – and tactics
  25. Francis’ reforms continue as John XXIII praised for openness to the Spirit
  26. Teaching on divorcees unchanged – Vatican
  27. Headship retracted over marital split
  28. Bishop orders closure of deacon’s blog
  29. Papal envoy says Pope Francis backs Nichols on welfare cuts
  30. Senior church leaders visit Ann Maguire’s school
  31. Patten steps down as BBC Trust chairman
  32. New Anglican bishop for Liverpool
  33. College to receive windfall from Kennedy letter sale
  34. Wise head, young shoulders
  35. Divisions in White House on Obamacare
  36. Smith urges Government to keep civil partnerships
  37. Employment does not solve poverty, says Stack
  38. Heskett appointed new Bishop of Hallam
  39. ‘Buckie’ sold in cans to stop crime
  40. Trust where it is needed most
  41. Peres and Abbas to meet Pope in Rome for peace prayer
  42. ‘So many children are refugees, we are embarrassed in front of God’
  43. Appeal to put aside misgivings inherited from divided past
  44. Friendship with Jews affirmed at Israel’s Holocaust memorial
  45. MP told he has 'excommunicated himself' for backing gay marriage
  46. Ditch moralising with 'Victorian' family model – academic
  47. Archdiocese bars cardinal's alma mater from becoming free school
  48. Cameron comes out against assisted dying
  49. Western lifestyles and centuries of industrialisation 'ruining planet'
  50. Belfast council votes to invite Pope Francis to city
  51. All Catholic schools in Plymouth diocese to become academies
  52. Catholic education adviser who downloaded child porn spared jail
  53. Equality commission casts doubt on adoption agency’s stance
  54. Welsh chapel bought by Catholic Church wins first part of £1m grant
  55. Muslim-dominated Catholic primary to become Anglican academy
  56. Primary school's fears over 18-rated computer games
  57. Francis has made the ‘lapsed’ label less trendy, says Nichols
  58. Peace activist priest back in court over Ash Wednesday protest
  59. Mgr Keith Newton: Ordinariate growth is too slow
  60. £1m debt forces cutbacks at Hallam Cathedral
  61. Oxford Passion play cancelled after City Council red tape mix-up
  62. John Paul II's record on clerical sexual abuse questioned
  63. Sinn Fein apologises to bishop for misrepresenting abortion views
  64. Blog by outspoken Lancaster deacon closes
  65. Call to scrap 50 per cent admissions limit on Catholic pupils
  66. GMC admits pre-signing abortion forms is illegal
  67. Cardinal and McMahon visit school of murdered Ann Maguire
  68. Nuncio: Pope backs Nichols on welfare cuts and assisted dying
  69. Cardinal hears from charities to assess London's food poverty
  70. Catholic college to receive windfall from Jackie Kennedy letters
  71. Muslim-majority Catholic school handed to Church of England
  72. Employment won’t resolve Welsh poverty, says Cardiff archbishop
  73. Bishops urge Government not to replace civil partnerships
  74. Obama aide reveals divisions over health-care mandate
  75. Middle East peace depends on 'just' solution, says Francis