Latest Issue: 28 November 2015
28 November 2015
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Ellen Teague

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  1. Rebels abduct nuns from ancient Christian town
  2. Refugee crisis worsens as winter bites
  3. Faith leaders try to quell desire for vengeance
  4. Urgent call for more UN peacekeepers
  5. Homs Jesuit gunned down in besieged monastery
  6. ‘Echoes of Rwanda’ as CAR waits for UN
  7. Judge silent as lawyers receive death threats in court
  8. Church in Iraq ‘ruined’ – Patriarch
  9. Prayers and tears for kidnapped girls
  10. Onaiyekan says elements in army support Boko Haram
  11. Eritrean bishops risk wrath of dictator in ‘desolation’ letter
  12. Mosul archbishop pleads: ‘Save us!’
  13. Patriarchs in call to prevent national disintegration
  14. Last Christians flee Mosul on pain of death
  15. Pleas for peace as hostilities intensify
  16. Brighter prospects for copts
  17. Church in the East ‘experiencing a martyrdom’
  18. Rape of Christians ‘is an instrument of subjugation’
  19. For the good of all the earth
  20. Faiths join climate marches
  21. Democracy protests win church support
  22. Mariam Ibrahim declares she will campaign for religious freedom
  23. Parishioners and friar kidnapped
  24. Nuncios speak for IS victims
  25. Parishes wiped out
  26. Islamic court to try priest
  27. Stop burning fossil fuel, warns Tutu
  28. Refugees face desperate winter
  29. Outrage at ‘blasphemy’ killings
  30. Copts celebrate despite threats
  31. ‘Harness Paris spirit against Boko Haram’
  32. Grieving relatives plead for body of ‘underground’ bishop
  33. Grief and fury over Islamist beheading of Coptic Christians
  34. Youth event welcomes Tagle
  35. Attack could seriously affect economy
  36. Violence against non-Muslims ‘constant’
  37. Relief that people could vote ‘in most of the north’
  38. Envoy warns UN on danger of nuclear proliferation
  39. Welby condolence visit for slain Copts
  40. ‘End xenophobic violence’
  41. Earthquake triggers ‘round the clock’ relief effort
  42. Priest testifies about Philippines child trafficking
  43. Victims of IS declared martyrs
  44. Christians want to go back to homes from which IS expelled them
  45. Charges brought over burning of Christian couple
  46. Bid to curb abuse of blasphemy laws
  47. Government challenged over political prisoners
  48. New organisation to preserve Chaldean identity
  49. Boko Haram leaves trail of blood across the northeast
  50. For the love of Creation
  51. Asia Bibi death sentence on hold
  52. Bishop, 89, leads cross–removal protest
  53. Kidnap plea
  54. Martyr Daswa to be beatified
  55. Vatican approves new ordination
  56. Aung San Suu Kyi seeks Catholic support as general election nears
  57. Lives of ‘hidden Christians’ revealed
  58. Dalit children burned alive in arson attack
  59. Vatican delegation visits Beijing
  60. Property theft from Christians denounced
  61. Premiership clubs tackled over failure to pay the Living Wage
  62. Aung San Suu Kyi’s party takes big election lead
  63. Ancient sites in Sinai lose visitors
  64. Climate change / Pilgrims push on to Paris through rain and storms
  65. Leading newspaper reports on Catholicism
  66. Bo praises ‘silent revolution’
  67. Rebels in Syria abduct nuns from ancient Christian town
  68. Taizé Prior visits N Korea
  69. CAR's churches overwhelmed amid pleas for peace-keepers
  70. Anti-gay legislation divides bishops in Africa
  71. Nigerial cardinal says elements in army support Boko Haram
  72. Eritrean bishops risk wrath of dictator in 'desolation' letter
  73. Death row mother re-arrested while boarding plane
  74. Meriam Ibrahim given refuge at US Embassy amid fears baby she gave birth to while shackled in prison could be disabled
  75. Envoy accuses Vietnam of 'failing to respect' religious freedom
  76. 'Brighter prospects for Egypt's Copts thanks to Sisi'
  77. Church experiencing 'a martyrdom' in Ukraine
  78. Faiths join global climate marches as Vatican urges action
  79. Islamists in Syria seize priest and parishioners
  80. Priest abducted in Syria to be tried by Islamic court
  81. Nobel award for Malala ‘good news’ for Pakistan, says Church
  82. South Sudan’s first female mayor murdered, bishops plead for peace
  83. Pakistan's Catholics anticipate newly approved Urdu catechism
  84. Nigerian archbishop wants global action against Boko Haram
  85. Plea for bishop’s body refused by Chinese officials
  86. Charities call for climate change action after Vanuatu devastation
  87. Priest testifies to US Congress about Philippines child trafficking
  88. Venezuelan Government challenged by Church over political prisoners
  89. Syrian Catholic Patriarch urges youth to defend their cities
  90. Chinese Government ‘taps into Shanghai church funds'
  91. Chinese bishop, 89, leads protests against government cross-removals