Peter Stanford

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  1. Religion does its best to fill the vacuum in prisons with an unconditional welcome
  2. A different sort of visitor to Brazil was Fr John Baptist Doyle
  3. Surely these two men’s love can only strengthen the institution of marriage
  4. A quiet crisis is causing some to worry about the future of ‘England’s Nazareth’
  5. It was the first time I had encountered such hatred of what I was; it was chilling
  6. Where is the next C.S. Lewis? Or even G.K. Chesterton?
  7. On her laptop, ‘Mrs Bishop’ has pictures of herself in full episcopal robes
  8. I’m honest enough to suspect I’m not cut out to risk martyrdom
  9. Perfectly qualified to measure success
  10. Liturgical correctness becomes an obstacle to sharing our faith
  11. Soul survivor
  12. Israel is daily, almost unthinkingly, cast in the role of the villain
  13. Pilgrimage to nowhere
  14. The neglect of the mentally ill should cause us to choke on the promise of tax cuts
  15. Into outstretched arms
  16. If there is such a thing as altruistic evil, how do we counter it?
  17. Forgiveness can mean many things; it is a slippery notion to pin down
  18. This is no top-down reorganisation imposed by an autocratic cleric
  19. It was after midnight when three armed men forced their way into the presbytery
  20. Grace notes
  21. Out of the blue
  22. In God she trusts
  23. People’s champion
  24. Problems like Maria’s
  25. Profile: Sarah Teather
  26. Writing competition
  27. The interview: Joseph Fiennes talks to Peter Stanford
  28. You make your own heaven heavens
  29. Prison reform: 'I've never met someone who didn't have a little bit of something good in them'
  30. Top ten spiritual books of the past decade as chosen by Tablet readers
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