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  1. Land divided by faith
  2. Sweet singing in the bar
  3. Faith, hope and Syriza
  4. Glimpses of Eden
  5. Justice at last for the Cold War martyrs
  6. Cold blasts from the East
  7. The Pope’s Russian gamble
  8. Democracy on a knife edge in Turkey
  9. Poland plays a waiting game: how senior clergy are biding their time for a more conservative pope
  10. Turkish officials criticise Western views of Islam ahead of papal visit
  11. Nuncio condemns ‘criminal oligarchy’ in Ukraine
  12. Assisted suicide and euthanasia express 'false humanity'
  13. Müller praises Poland as a model for the Church
  14. Number of Catholics in Turkey could far exceed official data
  15. Priest linked to laicised nuncio charged with ten counts of abuse
  16. Head of Lithuanian Church warns of Russian threat to his country
  17. Vatican's permanent observer urges UN to protect Christians worldwide
  18. Russia's Orthodox Church unveils its own financial system
  19. Russia's Orthodox Church unveils new financial system to counteract Western sanctions
  20. Church in Poland mourns ‘dynamic’ Jewish community
  21. Church in Poland mourns ‘dynamic’ Jewish community
  22. Orthodox Churches denounce Muhammad cartoons
  23. Rabbi wants Pope to close church near Auschwitz II
  24. Ukraine's Catholic and Orthodox Churches unite to appeal for peace
  25. One in four Europeans is poverty stricken
  26. Catholic Church fears liquidation in Russian-occupied Crimea
  27. Cardinal: let papal visit improve Catholic rights in Bosnia
  28. Nordic Catholics request support after Oslo crisis
  29. President approves ‘neo-Marxist’ convention on domestic violence
  30. Vatican is too soft on Putin, says Ukrainian prelate
  31. Bosnian Church urges Francis to call for righting of post-war wrongs
  32. Archbishops accuse Tsipras of 'mishandling' crisis
  33. Bishop says only a miracle can save Ukraine
  34. Greek Caritas warns of worsening conditions after EU deal
  35. Czech cardinal clashes with Templeton winner over gay rights
  36. Starvation could force millions of refugees to flee Ukraine
  37. Taizé founder remembered with call to ecumenism
  38. John Kerry: Religion gives no one the right to coerce
  39. Papal adviser likens attacks on Iraqi Christians to the start of the Holocaust
  40. Separatist conflict worries neighbours
  41. Notorious Lubyanka prison to become a church
  42. Turkish officials question planned papal visit
  43. Orthodox lambast Ukraine Catholics
  44. Nuncio condemns ‘criminal oligarchy’
  45. Nationalist divisions deepen as voters reject unity
  46. Christians ‘second-class citizens’
  47. Church deplores Serbia football riot
  48. Assisted suicide and euthanasia express a ‘false kind of humanity’
  49. Numbers of Catholics ‘could be larger than reported’
  50. Faith informs my policies, says Merkel
  51. Pope’s Strasbourg visit ‘inspires hope’, says head of parliament
  52. Orthodox set conditions for talks
  53. Gay-rights TV slot condemned
  54. Catholic Church warns of Russian threat to Baltic States
  55. Orthodox ‘want closer dialogue’ to defend faith
  56. Cardinal attacks EU treatment of immigrants
  57. Tomasi demands UN protects Christians
  58. Catholics ‘outside the law’ as they fail to meet Russian rules
  59. Orthodox financial system unveiled
  60. Orthodox denounce cartoons
  61. Church mourns ‘dynamic’ Jewish community
  62. Mariupol attacks deplored
  63. Church and State in Luxembourg to separate
  64. Francis’ Sarajevo visit will encourage interfaith dialogue
  65. US rabbi wants Birkenau congregation to leave
  66. PM defends religious minorities
  67. Welby denies apologising for Dresden bombing
  68. Churches unite to appeal for peace
  69. Growing poverty highlighted by charity
  70. Cologne archdiocese declares assets
  71. ‘Let papal visit improve Catholic rights’
  72. Archpriest defines Orthodox role in Europe
  73. Nordic Catholics seek support over Oslo scandal
  74. Vatican defends UN-mandated military action against IS
  75. East Europeans join forces for Family Synod
  76. Prelate says Vatican too soft on Putin
  77. Local Church pins hopes on papal visit
  78. Francis wants ‘culture of encounter, not of war’
  79. Pledge to fight poverty under new president
  80. Churches at odds over sanctity of cardinal
  81. College sacks professor of religion for criticising Islam
  82. Russian Orthodox Church severs ties after gay rulings
  83. Reformer Hus ‘is today an incentive to dialogue and reconciliation’
  84. Archbishop predicts escalation of conflict
  85. Continent is ‘hostile to religious freedom’
  86. Archbishops want unity government after latest EU deal
  87. Catholics reject same-sex amendments
  88. Diversion of EU funds deplored
  89. ‘Miracle priest’ is reburied 65 years after brutal interrogation
  90. Protests over Fribourg’s new Islamic Centre
  91. Church leaders deplore same-sex reforms
  92. Orthodox join Moscow’s anti-corruption battle
  93. Cardinal clashes with Halík over gay rights rally
  94. Refugees face mass starvation
  95. Poverty set to worsen – charity
  96. Church urged to lead fight against abortion
  97. Clergy trained in abuse prevention
  98. Amnesty’s prostitution call deplored
  99. Taizé’s founder remembered with call to ecumenism
  100. Puljic and Irinej in historic meeting
  101. Church appeals for solidarity with refugees
  102. Solidarity’s aims for work and family rights ‘are not fulfilled’
  103. Vatican will never accept a ‘Chinese Catholicism’
  104. Liberalisation ‘will be resisted’
  105. Call for law to protect religious freedom
  106. Bishop attacks EU for lack of solidarity
  107. Faith leaders back Syria raids
  108. Bishops pledge promotion of women
  109. Orthodox leaders clash over ‘holy war’
  110. US religious freedom report released
  111. Centre-right victory heralds a new era in Warsaw
  112. Praise for cardinal jailed under communism
  113. Bishop warns of anti-refugee ‘outbreaks of hatred’
  114. Outrage ‘linked to Western immorality’
  115. Call to maintain refugee outreach
  116. Russian Church cuts ties with Turkey
  117. Priest praises Putin’s ‘iron will’
  118. Disputes grow over Pan-Orthodox Council
  119. Patriarch presses for Istanbul Council
  120. Russian dialogue called off
  121. Anti-euthanasia vote welcomed
  122. Archbishop warns against ‘sick nationalism’
  123. Early talks between Kirill and Francis ruled out
  124. Nichols comes to defence of St John Paul II
  125. Mixed reactions to historic meeting
  126. Europe's bishops deplore continuing mistreatment of Roma gypsies
  127. Catholic misgivings over Lutheran emphasis in papal visit to Scandinavia
  128. Catholics warn of worsening outlook after deal with EU
  129. World Youth Day could change the world, says Polish cardinal
  130. Orthodox Council is urged to include women
  131. Dispute over extent of persecution
  132. New Moscow nuncio promises ‘more openness’
  133. Bartholomew insists Council will go ahead despite threats of boycott
  134. Churches dismayed at Brexit but send warning to Brussels
  135. Poles at odds with Pope over immigrants
  136. Senior Polish prelate serves notice on priests working abroad
  137. Bishops herald Luther as a ‘pathfinder’
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