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  1. The Pope’s Russian gamble
  2. Democracy on a knife edge in Turkey
  3. Poland plays a waiting game: how senior clergy are biding their time for a more conservative pope
  4. Tested by Rome and Brussels, Poland’s bishops struggle to find their voice
  5. Outrage ‘linked to Western immorality’
  6. Call to maintain refugee outreach
  7. Russian Church cuts ties with Turkey
  8. Priest praises Putin’s ‘iron will’
  9. Disputes grow over Pan-Orthodox Council
  10. Patriarch presses for Istanbul Council
  11. Russian dialogue called off
  12. Anti-euthanasia vote welcomed
  13. Archbishop warns against ‘sick nationalism’
  14. Early talks between Kirill and Francis ruled out
  15. Nichols comes to defence of St John Paul II
  16. Mixed reactions to historic meeting
  17. Europe's bishops deplore continuing mistreatment of Roma gypsies
  18. Catholic misgivings over Lutheran emphasis in papal visit to Scandinavia
  19. Catholics warn of worsening outlook after deal with EU
  20. World Youth Day could change the world, says Polish cardinal
  21. Orthodox Council is urged to include women
  22. Dispute over extent of persecution
  23. New Moscow nuncio promises ‘more openness’
  24. Bartholomew insists Council will go ahead despite threats of boycott
  25. Churches dismayed at Brexit but send warning to Brussels
  26. Poles at odds with Pope over immigrants
  27. Senior Polish prelate serves notice on priests working abroad
  28. Bishops herald Luther as a ‘pathfinder’
  29. Moscow-funded Russian Orthodox cathedral nears completion in Paris
  30. Czech Catholic Church rails against same-sex couples adoption ruling
  31. Bishops condemn abortion protests after national strike by women in Poland
  32. Orthodox demand talks on Ukraine’s Greek Catholics
  33. Justice and peace campaigners demand EU reforms
  34. Patriarch Kirill criticised by MPs for links to Putin ahead of historic visit to UK
  35. J and P campaigners demand EU reforms
  36. Charity says Christians face violence from fellow refugees
  37. Churches divided in response to US vote
  38. MEPs accuse Russian Churches of spreading anti-EU propaganda
  39. Bishops pledge to continue Year of Mercy and renew ‘Christian memory’
  40. Caritas draws up ‘roadmap’ pushing for ‘social rights as human rights’
  41. Church in Lithuania highlights 'Russia threat' as NATO prepares to send 4,000 troops to Baltic states
  42. Conservative prelate to take over from Dziwisz in Krakow
  43. Russian aggression towards Latvia is being hyped up by the media, says Catholic spokesman
  44. Catholic numbers ‘under-counted’
  45. Pope and Patriarch urged to ‘speak with a single voice’
  46. Head of Russian Orthodox Church backs abortion ban
  47. No initiative for true peace can reach its goal without help from God, say bishops as conflict escalates in Ukraine
  48. Exiled preacher Turkey blames for failed coup branded 'Trojan horse of the Vatican'
  49. Archbishop predicts Greece will be wiped out if creditors demand further austerity
  50. Warning against Muslim immigration
  51. Marx opposes more Nato spending
  52. Nichols sets out EU doubts in Polish interview
  53. Vatican warns that any ruling on Marian apparitions at Medjugorje will 'take a long time'
  54. Hungary: Christian leaders must 'stop closing eyes to cruelty' and end their silence over 'terrible' new asylum law
  55. Russia deemed one of world's worst violators of religious rights over Jehovah's Witnesses ban
  56. Vatican demands 'complete ban' on nuclear weapons, no room for MAD in 'peaceful coexistence'
  57. Patriarch condemns Orthodox ‘fundamentalists’
  58. Ukrainian politicians demand deportation of Archbishop, accusing him of spreading enmity between Ukrainians and Poles
  59. Bar to divorced and remarried
  60. Archbishop murdered over Vatican II becomes Lithuania's first blessed martyr
  61. Czech Cardinal warns against Muslim immigration
  62. Russian Orthodox church sees sharp rise in clergy recruitment
  63. Basic values ‘under threat’
  64. Jehovah's Witnesses take Russia ban to European Court
  65. Church backs Duda's veto of judiciary control bills
  66. New Orthodox catechism affirms ecumenical ties
  67. Time to recall Christian martyrs to communism, says Russian catholic church
  68. Greek fiscal system ‘is unfair to the non-Orthodox’
  69. Polish Church warns against new demands for German reparations
  70. Russian court orders handover of much-contested Soviet-seized buildings to the Catholic Church
  71. Orthodox priest jailed for plotting to poison Georgian Patriarch's assistant
  72. Cathedral dedicated to St Mother Teresa
  73. Russian Orthodox arrested for attempts to block film on Tsar's affair with a ballerina
  74. Polish church in rosary action to 'save the world'
  75. Luxembourg Church regrets end to religious education in schools
  76. President renews call to Pope and Patriarch
  77. Cardinal speaks out for Supreme Court against Government attempts to reform it
  78. Mount Athos monks vow to defend ban on women visitors despite new equality law
  79. Hungarian bishop demands humane treatment of refugees
  80. COMECE says Catholics should back EU integration
  81. Ukrainian Archbishop names obstacles to peace
  82. Russia's inter-religious faith council backs curb on artistic freedom
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