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  1. This is the season of freedom, beauty and abundance
  2. Are we travelling home or journeying to an as yet unknown new world?
  3. We are a culture that believes in apologies but not repentance
  4. The single-track road imposes an obligation of courtesy on us all
  5. There was, for me, an undercurrent of sadness in Egypt
  6. Like single malts, the NHS is an expensive luxury product, but worth paying for
  7. She for God only
  8. I rather miss the whooping and thumping of slightly wild joy that I used to feel
  9. We have a marked tendency to become upset if anyone tries to change our religious imagery
  10. What on earth can complementarity actually be?
  11. Who cares how many fish there were? Who counted?
  12. It is affirming to realise how many of the forces and powers of the Creation are silent
  13. Particular charisms, such as priesthood, come more like the dawn than a lightning bolt
  14. Travelling by train is fun, lovely and stress-reduced
  15. The movement of rocks makes me think about Petrine authority
  16. I would suggest that Joseph was ‘trafficked’ down to Egypt
  17. I am quite often asked by atheists if I believe in angels
  18. The Church has come a long way in 50 years, thank God
  19. Indulgence is one of those words that seem to have acquired negative connotations
  20. Indulgence is one of those words that seem to have acquired negative connotations
  21. As of the beginning of this year I have taken on the tenancy of a hermitage
  22. We have a serious problem in the Church with a secrecy default button
  23. What I have learned this Lent is how arrogantly opinionated I am
  24. Sometimes God carries us laughing, victorious. ‘Well done,’ he says joyfully
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