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  1. ‘There is a new open space’
  2. Clear challenge to the Church in Ireland
  3. Can Africa warm the soul of Ireland?
  4. Unfinished business
  5. What future is there for Catholic schools in Ireland, asks Sarah Mac Donald
  6. Guilty until proven innocent
  7. ‘A strange and quarrelsome place’
  8. Pope Francis the student - fellow Jesuits remember a 'quiet man’
  9. Iron fists and velvet gloves
  10. Howls of derision over RTÉ's changes to the Angelus format are wide of the mark
  11. Reform groups rail against creation of mega-parishes
  12. Irish bishops to pay counselling costs for children of priests
  13. Church voices concerns ahead of historic gay marriage vote in Ireland
  14. Dublin to review fundraising campaign following complaints
  15. Dublin archbishop defends allocation of school places
  16. President’s son challenges Irish primate on pastoral care for gays
  17. ‘Families ministering to families’ could be new model for evangelisation in Ireland
  18. Threat to church counselling service by vote in favour of gay marriage
  19. Civil partnerships do not go far enough, says Martin
  20. Reformers rail against creation of mega-parishes
  21. Church concern ahead of historic gay-marriage vote
  22. Gay marriage vote ‘a defeat for humanity’ says Parolin
  23. Irish Church at pastoral watershed after referendum
  24. Commission to consider married priests
  25. New tribunal could investigate old abuse cases
  26. Abusive priest ordained despite concerns
  27. Amnesty condemned for ‘pro-abortion’ campaigning
  28. Pell wants laity to engage in culture wars
  29. Catholics come first at faith schools, says Martin
  30. President’s son challenges primate on care for gays
  31. Seventeen new seminarians for Maynooth
  32. Priest defends Flannery against bishops
  33. Audits reveal extent of Religious abuse
  34. Clustering ‘is not the answer to the priest shortage’
  35. Family will be at heart of Irish evangelisation drive
  36. Apology for priest’s gay marriage remarks
  37. Irish bishops back in the black
  38. Movement to force Irish Church out of education grows
  39. Gay marriage vetoed by Democratic Unionists
  40. Anti-trafficking nun condemns Amnesty on prostitution
  41. ‘Let schools go to save Catholic education’ says Archbishop
  42. Pro-life petition outpaces Amnesty
  43. Theologian Daly calls for reform of church teaching
  44. Treatment of priests accused of abuse ‘violates canon law’
  45. Bishops fear wider access to abortion will devalue life
  46. Judgments reached on allegations against priests
  47. Baptism ‘abused by pushy parents’
  48. Irish bishops warn of winter rise in homelessness
  49. Irish nuncio ‘refuses’ to meet reform group
  50. Dublin priesthood ‘to decline by two-thirds in 15 years’
  51. Network of family groups to be established
  52. Traditionalists have no right to impose ‘false orthodoxy’
  53. Abortion emerges as vital issue in the run-up to Republic of Ireland's general election
  54. Faith charities threatened with cuts
  55. Catholic primaries ‘not grim places of indoctrination’
  56. Flannery condemns cardinal’s foot- washing guidance
  57. Limerick prepares for an historic synod
  58. Limerick synod backs bigger role for women in life of the Church
  59. Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith must end medieval practices, Pope urged by accused
  60. CDF accused by those it investigates
  61. Abuse survivor criticises Pope’s family exhortation
  62. Alarm over rise in suicides
  63. Order failed to act against priest who abused 100 children
  64. Priests don't want Catholic Church in Ireland to 'sleepwalk into oblivion'
  65. Martin bemoans shortage of Catholic intellectuals
  66. Ireland’s peace and prosperity at risk if Britain votes for exit, warns McAleese
  67. Joint school seen as model for safeguarding Christian ethos
  68. Sinn Fein call for united Ireland vote as leave vote hits home
  69. Martin pulls seminarians from troubled Maynooth
  70. Scholars call for end to church ban on artificial contraception
  71. Irish bishop lukewarm on new vocations initiative
  72. Irish Church made mistakes on abuse, Martin admits
  73. Irish Church to develop new resources for married life
  74. O’Loan rejects grammar school option for Northern Ireland
  75. Local churches ‘failing to engage’ with groups fighting human trafficking
  76. Papal visit seen as historic opportunity for all communities
  77. Irish bishops urge Citizens’ Assembly to retain pro-life amendment
  78. Irish diocese trains lay people to lead liturgies
  79. Censured priest to defy Vatican ban and celebrate public Mass
  80. Irish hierarchy to meet Pope Francis in Rome
  81. Schools face admissions shake-up
  82. Irish bishops share fears of sharp decline in faith with Pope Francis
  83. ‘Unpredictable’ Francis will make visit unique, says Martin
  84. Communication failures at heart of many difficulties in marriages
  85. Irish cardinal implicated in Murphy Report dies aged 90
  86. Martin reveals extent of abuse cover-up
  87. Leader of Irish Church sounds warning over Brexit consequences for Ireland ahead of polls
  88. Irish church leaders defend Connell’s record on abuse
  89. Inquiry into Tuam deaths to be broadened
  90. Bishop who resigned after fathering child dies aged 89
  91. Orders ‘must pay fair share of compensation for abuse’
  92. Bishops reflect on scandal of mother and baby homes
  93. Irish diocese predicts big fall in number of priests
  94. Catholicism in decline in Ireland
  95. 'Judgmentalism' of Irish Catholics is causing people to reject faith, Archbishop Martin says
  96. Row over nuns’ involvement in maternity hospital escalates
  97. Limerick’s day without Masses highlights priest shortage
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