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3 October 2015
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Laurence Freeman

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  1. ‘This reminded us what a knife-edge of normality we live on’
  2. ‘The hag of Beara – the legendary figure of West Cork – was in a tantrum’
  3. ‘Truth is activity. It really does make a difference to the way I think, feel and live’
  4. ‘Without blinking, the Queen reminded us that nothing is beyond the reach of this love’
  5. ‘He touches the heights and depths of his art, the beauty and the pain of life’
  6. ‘An older doctor regretted that he no longer had patients but “clients”’
  7. ‘When an athlete breaks a barrier, the whole of humanity is slightly redefined’
  8. ‘The need to blame someone when things go wrong remains undiminished’
  9. If a tradition does not change us, it has become sclerotic, a mere ideology
  10. Mindfulness, like faith, without good works is a spiritually dead thing
  11. If the Qur’an is the medium of Islam and the Torah for Jews, it is Mary who carries Jesus
  12. As you wander from church to church, you feel as though you are straddling waves of history
  13. Look into your own superficial heart and understand the wisdom of shallowness
  14. They eventually found a rare, open-minded, inclusive parish
  15. Life is a series of mistakes from which we learn what is natural
  16. The world is never more than a mouse-click away, but the click disenchants
  17. Can you make a pilgrimage to a place of illusion?
  18. The effect of excessive technology on the young is the next health scandal
  19. There is always much that, as believers, we will find hard to believe
  20. Be aware that the value of your life is being compromised by stress
  21. Mother Julian called contemplation a ‘condition of complete simplicity’
  22. Late in life Lee Kuan Yew wanted to learn to meditate
  23. People do not do mindful practices or meditate merely because of media claims
  24. The key gospel value is not material poverty but poverty of spirit
  25. Cynics say of Jeremy Corbyn’s success, ‘It won’t last’. What does?