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  1. Supreme gifts of healing will be required from the Prime Minister
  2. The cacophony of the referendum debate seemed miles away from Orkney
  3. We have become in these islands an extended family that does not know itself
  4. Russia still wants great power and to demonstrate it through its nuclear weapons
  5. This time, unlike in the 1980s, the hard Left has captured the party apparatus
  6. The ‘thinking heavier than our weight’ question is critical to the new strategy
  7. The UK and the US have now become destabiliser nations in the world
  8. Will the European question ever cease to be a disrupter of British politics?
  9. The UK must become as good at industrialising its science as the United States has been
  10. A general election, like quantum physics, is a thing of waves and particles
  11. The signs are that Mr Corbyn will not walk whatever the result
  12. What an extraordinary period we have lived through since the referendum of June 2016
  13. Reading the EU Withdrawal Bill one finds crevice after crevice that will widen the divide
  14. Our British political system is being tested on the anvil of Brexit
  15. It’s time for game-raising all round, wherever we stand on the question of Europe
  16. As always with the European question, passions will rise and prose will grow purple
  17. There’s a great deal resting on this new industrial strategy. Raise a glass to it
  18. We are living in a phase of high uncertainty with none of the political parties in the pink
  19. I’m a stay-put man, the Palace of Westminster is a building of great eloquence
  20. The NHS was one of those national flags around which my generation rallied
  21. Did the May administration follow its own prescriptions in the aftermath of Douma?
  22. I may be wrong but I do not think we will face a great constitutional confrontation

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