David Blair

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  1. Mr Erdogan has not lifted a finger to protect Kobane from the IS assault
  2. Could the recent violence in Jerusalem be the spark that ignites a third intifada?
  3. The entire Russian economy seems likely to be pulled into recession next year
  4. The inescapable truth is that the girls were not ‘abducted’, but enslaved
  5. Vladimir Putin has achieved most of his goals, at least in the short term
  6. The truth is that Netanyahu offers Israel nothing but perpetual conflict
  7. A huge percentage of able-bodied Eritreans strain every nerve to flee their homeland
  8. The Rohingyas’ misfortune is that they are not victims of Israel or the West
  9. Why punish the people for the sins of their leaders? The ayatollahs never bear the pain
  10. Cuba will soon be the land of Starbucks and mass tourism
  11. Syria’s ceaseless horror has proved the assumption behind the ‘Just War’ theory
  12. The Arab-Israeli conflict and the ambitions of Western powers are modern intrusions
  13. Is it moral to refuse to defend the defenceless, to abandon them to the IS slave raiders?
  14. Seven leaders in sub-Saharan Africa have been in office for longer than 20 years
  15. Mr Museveni runs a one- man government where Ministers are only minions
  16. Countless ordinary Iranians evidently felt confident enough to break the law
  17. The danger is that aid serves to underwrite and perpetuate a misallocation of resources
  18. A view of the world that is so rancid and bigoted as to be deranged
  19. In Crimea, a European minority is being hounded by an occupying power
  20. Turkey remains a country ruled by flawed individuals, not by laws and institutions
  21. President Karimov had what might be called the Henry VIII problem
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