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  1. All government is local
  2. Not everyone loves Francis
  3. Obituary – Cardinal Francis George, OMI
  4. Hostile climate
  5. Making money morally
  6. Rediscovery of a common cause
  7. Showdown in Baltimore
  8. Trump card: As the presidential race intensifies even Pope Francis has got involved
  9. Slaughter of the innocents
  10. Picking up the pieces
  11. Profile: Bishop Kevin Farrell - new head of Vatican dicastery of family, marriage and the laity
  12. Can Hillary Clinton carry the Catholic vote for the Democrats in the US presidential election?
  13. Pledged to listen
  14. Goodbye to the culture warriors
  15. US church flattened by tornado reopens week before Christmas
  16. US a long way from racial equality, warns cardinal
  17. O’Malley evokes civil rights movement at pro-life Mass
  18. Vatican interfaith expert hails Catholic-Muslim progress
  19. Research reveals least religious city in United States
  20. US Archbishop Cordileone defends right to ban altar girls
  21. Washington cardinal says picket lines are an example of solidarity
  22. US bishops issue bulletin against same-sex marriage
  23. Presidential candidates explain how they would combat poverty
  24. New Dow Jones 'socially responsible' index announced to guide Catholic investors
  25. Archbishop 'deeply disturbed' as California votes for assisted suicide
  26. Country ‘in denial’ about immigrants
  27. US and Cuban Churches praise ‘historic’ breakthrough
  28. Slavery ‘is still with us’
  29. African American from New Orleans made a bishop
  30. Move to ban abortions after 20 weeks
  31. O’Malley links pro-life struggle to the civil-rights movement
  32. Politicians warned against lifting abortion ban
  33. Executions could be halted
  34. Cordileone answers his critics
  35. Light and forgiveness provide Lenten themes in Washington and Chicago
  36. Cordileone defends right to ban altar girls ‘in one or two parishes’ for sake of diversity
  37. Religious freedom law amended
  38. CDF and LCWR issue statement ending Vatican oversight
  39. Bishop Finn resigns
  40. Supreme Court hears case for gay marriage nationwide
  41. Lori identifies ‘structural sin’ in Baltimore
  42. Priests and bishops ask family synod to uphold doctrine
  43. Obama joins poverty summit
  44. Faithful are fewer but more diverse, survey finds
  45. Sorondo defends climate conference
  46. Fewer priests for more laity but Africa is thriving
  47. Obama praises Catholic health care
  48. Fall in abortion rate across the country
  49. Nation mourns murdered Charleston Christians
  50. Bishops decry Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage
  51. Bishops issue bulletin against Supreme Court gays ruling
  52. Stika urges unity at Mass for murdered servicemen
  53. Pope’s popularity declines in US ahead of visit
  54. Physicians accused of callous attitude towards foetal body-part trafficking
  55. Dolan challenges Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric
  56. Church backs Iran nuclear deal in letter to members of Congress
  57. LCWR blames Vatican culture
  58. New index to guide Catholic investors
  59. Harlem schools prepare for Francis
  60. Cupich stands up for trade unions and opposes reform on dues
  61. Bishops’ conference expected to change tack after visit
  62. Nuncio ‘arranged Davis meeting’
  63. Puerto Rico archbishop comes to Washington as debt envoy
  64. California legalises assisted suicide
  65. Estimate of total abuse payments ‘is out by US$1bn’
  66. Bishops shift to emphasise concern for the poor
  67. Theology remains compulsory at Notre Dame
  68. Bishops highlight solidarity with migrants
  69. Clerics demand Islamic State slaughter be named genocide
  70. Dolan affirms pro-life vision
  71. New mother finds room for her baby in parish manger
  72. All change in the Windy City
  73. Joe Biden and John Boehner win Laetare Medal
  74. Wuerl welcomes Kerry declaration on IS ‘genocide’
  75. Catholics help take election into uncharted territory
  76. ‘Time to break cycle of violence’
  77. Trump teams up with conservative Christian
  78. Mixed messages on religion at Democratic convention
  79. Catholics still devoted to the Eucharist, new American survey suggests
  80. Bishops at odds on church campaign role
  81. Church weighs in on presidential campaign
  82. Cardinal-designate Tobin surprise choice by Pope Francis as new Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey
  83. San Diego bishop extols ‘lay genius’
  84. Bishops back refugees at USCCB plenary
  85. Hopes for Cuba’s future after Castro’s death
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