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  1. Five days that shook the republic
  2. Real care in real communities
  3. Liberté, égalité, laïcité?
  4. Spread of the French malaise
  5. The night that changed France – and Europe
  6. France takes stock
  7. The fall of the Berlin Wall unlocked half a continent
  8. Belgian bishop urges real dialogue at Synod
  9. The fall of the Berlin Wall unlocked half a continent
  10. Catholics and Muslims celebrate Annunciation
  11. Catholic held under house arrest for month highlights paranoia of French authorities
  12. European aid to Christian Syrians is tantamount to deportation, archbishop says
  13. French PM seeks ‘calm dialogue’
  14. Baldisseri backs doctrinal ‘updating’ at family synod
  15. Anti-EU parties are ‘wrong for Catholics’
  16. Interfaith climate ‘fast’ backed by Catholic Church
  17. Support urged for Middle Eastern Christians
  18. Bishops condemn violent anti-Jewish protests
  19. Anglican vote alarms Orthodox Church
  20. No obligation to legalise gay marriage
  21. French cardinal in solidarity visit to Mosul Christians
  22. Cañizares to return home
  23. Euthanasia up 50 per cent in two years
  24. Rectors consider consolidating seminaries
  25. Iraqi Christians flood French consulate with visa applications
  26. Euthanasia ruling for prison lifer sets a worrying precedent
  27. Protest against surrogacy and assisted procreation
  28. Government threatens financing of Church
  29. Fury over admission charges plan
  30. Bishop forbids attendance at SSPX services
  31. Fellay rails against Synod on the Family
  32. Bishops hesitate on synod issues
  33. Sarkozy pledge on same-sex marriage
  34. CDF spells out policy on access to Communion
  35. Russia donates ‘diplomatic’ Christmas tree to Notre Dame
  36. Crib has to go, says court
  37. Lyons’ archbishop revisits refugees
  38. Hollande rules out legalised euthanasia
  39. Léonard says he wants to retire
  40. Bishop ruled competent on conversion claim
  41. Recognise gay unions, Bonny urges
  42. Stricter secularism rejected as the way forward
  43. Bonny declines gay group’s award
  44. Inquiry into whether adoptions were forced
  45. Church says ‘non’ to Charlie declaration
  46. Hate crime call
  47. Justice group opposes nationalism
  48. Pro-family group sues over website for would-be adulterers
  49. Patriarch joins climate-change trip
  50. Synod asked to consider situation of ‘overlooked’ adult singles
  51. EU Parliament urged to oppose surrogacy
  52. Faith leaders oppose euthanasia plans
  53. Lessons in secularism are not the way forward, says Vingt-Trois
  54. Catholics and Muslims unite to celebrate the Annunciation
  55. Fabius calls for UN fund to help minorities return home
  56. Army chaplain barred from using defence ministry logo
  57. U-turn on Metro poster ban
  58. Protest against church closures targets cardinal
  59. Hollande stands by his Vatican ambassador
  60. Cardinal dismisses petition against church closure plan
  61. Bishops get 10,000 responses to synod survey
  62. Funeral webcasts prompt mourners’ protests
  63. Pope tells rabbis that religions must stand united
  64. Francis meets gay envoy proposed as Vatican ambassador
  65. Church sanguine after foiled Islamist plot
  66. Campaign to return body of St Bernadette to Lourdes
  67. Léonard ordered to pay damages to abuse victim
  68. Church relaxes rules on gay or remarried lay employees
  69. Warning on euthanasia’s slippery slope
  70. Keep talking to counter radical Islam
  71. Court supports bid to end life of crash victim
  72. Diplomatic difficulties ‘will not prevent visit’
  73. New group seeks to bar firms from buying Islamic State oil
  74. Proposal to turn churches into mosques
  75. Call for urgent care to be provided for arriving migrants
  76. Horror of euthanasia for depressed
  77. Synod process ‘shows Church doesn’t have all the answers’
  78. Cardinal breaks fast with Muslims on day of atrocities
  79. Bethany, claimed by Jordan as location of Jesus’ baptism, made a World Heritage Site
  80. Judges cast doubt on Algerian version of monks’ murder
  81. Religions demand end to ‘fossil fuels era’
  82. Petition opposes turning empty churches into mosques
  83. Comece backing for Greece bailout
  84. Mayor wins right to a Christmas crib
  85. ‘Conscience summit’ stresses ethics of climate change
  86. Doctor defers decision on divisive end-of-life case
  87. Church calls for new migrant policy
  88. Government counsels vigilance for churches
  89. Bells ring out for Mid-East Christians
  90. Paris action plan to help Isis victims
  91. Minister talks religion and politics with bishops
  92. Bishops visit Iraq refugees
  93. Magazine causes stir about election of Bergoglio
  94. Government drive to ease abortion rules denounced
  95. Religious heritage war crimes case
  96. Gay envoy stand-off could last two years
  97. France dismisses genocide case against priest
  98. Ground prepared for Paris conference
  99. New primate wants a more open Church
  100. Cardinal warns against extending laïcité
  101. Muslims urged to promote ‘enlightened Islam’
  102. National Front sees growing support among Catholics
  103. Bishops criticise staunch secularists on laïcité anniversary
  104. Swing to far Right reveals change in Catholic attitudes
  105. Pontier criticises security crackdown
  106. New primate in row over euthanasia and abortion
  107. Bishop denounces attack on Ajaccio mosque
  108. Charlie Hebdo ‘lessons’
  109. Care home sued in euthanasia test case
  110. Marseilles attack reignites debate on wearing of religious clothing
  111. Premier ignites bitter row on laïcité
  112. Orthodox Council moves to Crete
  113. Bishops welcome steps to improve care of the dying
  114. Left-wing feminists call for global ban on surrogacy
  115. Bishops' conference welcomes European Parliament decision to call killing of Christians in Iraq and Syria genocide
  116. Visitors to Lourdes fall by a quarter
  117. Barbarin under growing pressure to resign
  118. Christians and Muslims come together to honour Virgin Mary in Paris, Brussels and Tunis
  119. Only 13 per cent of Dutch Catholics believe in heaven, survey shows
  120. French cardinal steps up his defence as pressure mounts for his resignation over child abuse scandal
  121. France ends standoff with Vatican by withdrawing gay envoy nominee
  122. Police search offices of Lyon archdiocese
  123. Uproar over bishop’s remark on abuse
  124. Pledge to put victims first in new sex abuse policy
  125. French bishops name senior civil servant to head independent abuse panel
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