Catherine Pepinster

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  1. On course to grow
  2. If your involvement in the Church is about filling gaps, are you really appreciated?
  3. The Trojan Horse affair has become a reason to attack faith schools
  4. Bark that cured the bite
  5. You act with justice if you remove obstacles to living a valuable human life
  6. Mountain to climb
  7. I suspect most of us have had our faith reinforced by unknown foot soldiers of faith
  8. Bestriding the world
  9. Standing together
  10. What Spotlight shows us is that loving the Church sometimes means speaking up, writes Catherine Pepinster
  11. Scots Church must learn from Quebec’s mistakes in helping the nation heal
  12. Tristram Hunt’s nuns gaffe could cost Labour dear
  13. Major consultation launched on Britain’s religious makeup
  14. Vanier says Je Suis Charlie marches created more division
  15. Pope calls for urgent rethink of man's relationship with the Earth
  16. Christianity is under threat of extinction in Middle East, warns Prince Charles
  17. History made as Hampton Court hosts first Catholic service since the Reformation
  18. Report reveals wide range of Catholic lifestyles
  19. Major consultation launched on religious make-up
  20. Hopes says Mass has become consumerised
  21. Vanier says Je Suis Charlie marches created more division
  22. Pope ignites revolution on environment
  23. Future of Christianity is in jeopardy, warns Prince of Wales
  24. Woodhead: ‘No religion is the new norm’
  25. Hampton Court hosts its first Catholic service since the Reformation
  26. Anglican Centre marks 50 years of relations with Catholic Church
  27. David Cameron: 'Muslims need our help'
  28. High profile Catholics call for Stephen Crabb to rethink welfare policies
  29. Vatican Foreign Minister urges two-state solution for Israel-Palestine
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