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  1. Dreams, tears, cheers and the embrace of six million
  2. Rome wrestles with a new Ostpolitik
  3. Francis delivers sermon on ‘tyranny of Mammon’
  4. Migrants’ friend in high places
  5. New wars and ancient feuds
  6. Papal visit to Mexico: will Francis challenge corruption and the cartels in Central America?
  7. Difficult dialogue
  8. While factions fight, children die
  9. Full schools, empty churches
  10. Synod must not see family as the problem
  11. Prince Charles voices solidarity with embattled Armenian Christians
  12. Francis' opener: Muslims must denounce persecution of Christians
  13. Rome bishops to 'rethink' pastoral approach to family
  14. Six million attended Vatican events this year
  15. Throwaway culture cause of world's darkness, Pope tells diplomats
  16. Economic watchdog hits back at 'fictional' accusations
  17. Pope Francis grants powers to Economy Secretariat
  18. Pope Francis praises ‘courage’ of Mass in vernacular
  19. Iran still persecuting Christians, report says
  20. Francis causes controversy by reaffirming Armenian genocide
  21. Armenian Church canonises 'martyrs' slain by Ottoman Turks
  22. Pope tells ecumenists: today’s martyrs are instrument of unity
  23. Vatican unveils logo for Year of Mercy
  24. Francis, Burke and Pell all back Italy’s March for Life
  25. Vatican official defends Pope’s ‘soft’ approach with Putin
  26. Paraguay hopes Francis will make historic gesture of solidarity
  27. Church leaders must resign, Francis tells Charismatics
  28. Ex-nuncio hospitalised on first day of abuse trial
  29. Defeat for US nuns obliged to provide contraception
  30. Francis tilts balance of family synod with reported Cupich appointment
  31. Cardinal increases pressure on PM over migrant crisis
  32. Environment is key to all the world's major ills, says Francis
  33. Synod: Solitude, love and family themes of first homily
  34. Nichols celebrates shift away from Eurocentric Church
  35. German-speakers urge step-by-step approach on marriage
  36. Passionate letters offer new insights into Saint John Paul II's spirituality
  37. Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States in London for Government talks
  38. Ebola spreads ‘like a brush fire’
  39. Chaput statement clarified
  40. Francis gives first interview to Israeli media
  41. Church ‘must deepen care of the family’
  42. Lombardi ‘corrects’ papal biography
  43. Bishops urge ban on fossil fuels
  44. Parolin emphasises global role of Church
  45. ‘Enslavement culture’afflicts world
  46. Catholics ‘are not required to have one child after another’
  47. Oscar Romero on the path to sainthood
  48. Assyrian Christians mount last-ditch stand against IS
  49. Francis accords sweeping powers to Pell’s Economy Secretariat
  50. Francis praises ‘courage’ of Mass in vernacular
  51. ‘End persecution the world seeks to hide’, Francis demands
  52. Vatican affirms its choice of bishop
  53. Francis reaffirms ‘Metz Yeghern’ as genocide
  54. Archbishop summons priest over gay blessing
  55. Year of Mercy to make mission a priority
  56. Vatican official defends Pope’s ‘soft’ approach with Putin
  57. New secretariat will oversee all Vatican media
  58. Family ‘cannot be replaced’, Pope tells 1m Ecuadorians
  59. Time limit ‘must be set’ for church leaders, says Francis
  60. Call to rethink the whole European project
  61. Pope Francis says climate change can promote slavery
  62. Francis tilts balance of family synod
  63. Pope establishes ‘Care of Creation Day’
  64. Church leaders stake their claims ahead of the synod
  65. Pope directs a pastoral approach to confession of abortion
  66. Commission condemns Pell abuse scheme
  67. Williams supports ‘Romero’ freedom of information suit
  68. Trump declares his faith
  69. Priest gives thanks for escape from IS
  70. Francis doesn’t rule out ETs
  71. Martyrs ‘continue to give their lives’
  72. Fears for Syria’s Christian refugees
  73. Hungary loans relic of St Thomas of Canterbury
  74. Pope in Mexico: End migration by eradicating drugs and corruption, Francis tells Mexican authorities
  75. Christians in the Middle East do not need 'special' protection, says Pope's 'foreign secretary'
  76. Pressure on Kerry to name IS atrocities as genocide
  77. Gallagher refuses to single out Christians for special protection
  78. Pope ‘badly advised’ in remarks to bishops
  79. ‘Demagogue’ Trump ‘unfit to be president’
  80. Boston Globe newspaper cuts links with Catholic news website Crux
  81. Gallagher backs dialogue as way forward in Middle East
  82. State Department receives report on Islamic State genocide
  83. Newspaper cuts links with Crux
  84. Obama heads first for Havana’s cathedral
  85. News Briefing: global
  86. News Briefing: global
  87. ‘Houses of mercy’ in every diocese proposed to mark the Holy Year
  88. News Briefing: global
  89. Chaouqui praises Trump's New York victory
  90. Wuerl celebrates Mass for Life after Planned Parenthood CEO speaks at Georgetown
  91. Francis names Paul Mason as new auxiliary for Southwark diocese
  92. News Briefing: global
  93. Global Briefing: Cardinal in assassination attempt; Jesuit beatnik priest dies
  94. Qatar archdeacon marks out limits to dialogue
  95. New centre launched at St Mary’s, Twickenham, for the study of religion and society
  96. News Briefing: global
  97. News Briefing: global
  98. News Briefing: global
  99. Humanitarian agencies divided over world summit
  100. President promises arrests after humiliation of Christian mother
  101. News Briefing: global
  102. News Briefing: global
  103. Scholars warn Orthodox leaders: don’t derail the Holy and Great Council
  104. EU Referendum: Remainers waver in Catholic debate in Westminster
  105. News Briefing: global
  106. News Briefing: global
  107. Moshe demands liberation of Christian lands
  108. Francis denounces 1915 genocide of Armenians as papal trip begins
  109. News Briefing: global
  110. News Briefing: global
  111. News Briefing: global
  112. Global briefing: Evangelical festival cut short in Washington DC by hot weather
  113. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  114. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  115. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  116. Francis attacks 'influential countries' for pushing gender theory on children
  117. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  118. Georgetown University to favour descendants of slaves in admissions process
  119. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  120. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  121. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  122. News Briefing: global
  123. ‘Common understanding’ reached with Orthodox
  124. Acting out of self-interest not always wrong, says St Mary's new professor
  125. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  126. Prioritise rights of women, charity urges
  127. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  128. News Briefing: global
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