Latest Issue: 29 August 2015
29 August 2015
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James Roberts

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  24. Dreams, tears, cheers and the embrace of six million
  25. Catholics ‘are not required to have one child after another’
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  32. Francis reaffirms ‘Metz Yeghern’ as genocide
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  34. Year of Mercy to make mission a priority
  35. Rome wrestles with a new Ostpolitik
  36. Vatican official defends Pope’s ‘soft’ approach with Putin
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  40. Call to rethink the whole European project
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  49. Spain's PM outlines plan to end abortion on demand
  50. US reality tv star suspended over gay comments
  51. SSPX leaders still in schism, says Vatican
  52. Billionaire's warning to Francis: don't exclude the rich
  53. ‘Disobedient’ US Jesuit dismissed from order
  54. Islamist terrorists slaughter 53 Catholics at Mass in Nigeria
  55. 'First church in Saudi Arabia' after reports of momentous accord with Egypt’s Coptic Pope
  56. Pope Francis warns that persecution faces all Christians
  57. Victims groups accuse Pope of 'continuing Vatican denial' on abuse
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  59. Former nuncio to Dominican Republic to be laicised
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  66. Rome bishops to 'rethink' pastoral approach to family
  67. Six million attended Vatican events this year
  68. Throwaway culture cause of world's darkness, Pope tells diplomats
  69. Economic watchdog hits back at 'fictional' accusations
  70. Pope Francis grants powers to Economy Secretariat
  71. Pope Francis praises ‘courage’ of Mass in vernacular
  72. Iran still persecuting Christians, report says
  73. Francis causes controversy by reaffirming Armenian genocide
  74. Armenian Church canonises 'martyrs' slain by Ottoman Turks
  75. Pope tells ecumenists: today’s martyrs are instrument of unity
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  80. Church leaders must resign, Francis tells Charismatics
  81. Ex-nuncio hospitalised on first day of abuse trial
  82. Defeat for US nuns obliged to provide contraception
  83. Francis tilts balance of family synod with reported Cupich appointment
  84. Former Apostolic Nuncio to Dominican Republic Wesolowski dies inside the Vatican