Latest Issue: 26 April 2014
26 April 2014
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Christa Pongratz-Lippitt

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  1. Limburg bishop ‘authorised’ to stay away from his diocese
  2. Mercy, marriage and money
  3. Limburg inquiry under way
  4. Bishop of Limburg hopes to return to his diocese
  5. Confusion as hierarchy divisions deepen
  6. Müller vs Marx: clash of the titans
  7. Persecution in Saudi Arabia highlighted at interfaith conference
  8. Sharia law ‘must not be state law’
  9. Müller faces increasing resistance
  10. Coalition partners enshrine Churches’ ‘indispensable’ role
  11. Coalition partners enshrine Churches’ ‘indispensable’ role
  12. Confusion over ‘unusable’ Mass translation
  13. Müller denies he intended to block debate
  14. Müller denies he intended to block debate
  15. Publisher files for bankruptcy
  16. C8 cardinal castigates CDF prefect
  17. Schönborn thinks remarried divorcees can be accommodated
  18. Revise teaching on family, German bishops tell Rome
  19. Abuse commission will focus on pastoral help
  20. Belgian euthanasia law ‘monstrous’
  21. Pope turning his back on ‘straitjacket of moralism’
  22. Pell ‘right man’ to sort out Vatican finances
  23. New approach to divorce and remarriage
  24. Koch upbeat on ecumenism
  25. Limburg events illustrate need for transparency, says Cardinal Marx
  26. Ordination of married men back on the agenda
  27. Pope asks rainforest bishop to help on encyclical
  28. First Catholic ordination at Protestant shrine
  29. Pioneering course for school leaders
  30. New archbishop backs Kasper on remarried divorcees
  31. German Catholic publishers saved
  32. Divisions deepen over Communion for remarried divorcees
  33. Limburg bishop admits to perjury
  34. Saudi persecution highlighted at interfaith conference
  35. German bishops resist CDF prefect
  36. Call to resist sharia in Nigeria
  37. Hans Küng welcomes papal vision
  38. Gänswein speaks of ‘pain’ of no longer being Pope’s right-hand man
  39. CDF prefect praises liturgy reform and Vatican II
  40. Schönborn defends Benedict as hero of 'Williamson row'
  41. Meisner ‘clarifies’ Francis’s views on divorced and remarried
  42. Francis to ‘reform the faithful, not the faith’ – Gänswein
  43. Cologne Cathedral may sue over half-naked feminist’s protest
  44. Publishing giant owned by German Church files for bankruptcy
  45. Cardinal defends Pope’s criticism of capitalism
  46. C8’s Cardinal Maradiaga castigates CDF prefect
  47. Church must adjust to reality of divorce and remarriage – cardinal
  48. German bishops seek ways to salvage their publishing house
  49. 'Luxury' Bishop of Limburg regularly visits his diocese
  50. Pope tells Austrian bishops to stay close to priests after reform calls
  51. Francis turning his back on ‘straitjacket of moralism’
  52. National churches should stand up to almighty Vatican, says cardinal
  53. Head of papal household says he did not favour election of Francis
  54. German bishops to lobby for new approach to divorce and remarriage
  55. Ex-Limburg 'bishop of bling' issues apology
  56. Pope says married men could be ordained – if world's bishops agree
  57. Rainforest bishop to contribute to forthcoming 'green encyclical'
  58. Norway's first Catholic ordination at Protestant national shrine
  59. Taizé prior: 'Francis should become shepherd of all Christians'