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  1. ‘Long Good Friday’ that shattered trust
  2. Conscience that would not be silenced
  3. Crisis of trust
  4. New tax exodus from Churches in Germany
  5. Marx appeals to Muslim leaders to condemn Islamic terror
  6. Jordan’s Christians and Muslims march together
  7. German bishops criticise Apple and Facebook
  8. Marx welcomes open model of reporting on synod
  9. Swiss parish priest blesses lesbian couple in a 'marriage-like ceremony'
  10. Europe's religious heritage pulled down on 'avalanche-like' scale
  11. CDF to unite faiths for summit on traditional marriage
  12. Schönborn worried about Putin-style leadership at synod
  13. Bishops seek way for remarried divorcees to receive Communion
  14. German bishops appeal for calm over demos
  15. Vienna's Saudi-backed interfaith centre 'could close' after floggings
  16. Church divisions over Pegida marchers
  17. Reformation commemorations back on track after Protestant assurance
  18. Priest who blessed lesbian couple told to resign
  19. Curia job for Limburg's ‘bishop of bling’
  20. Democracies must not be cowed by terrorists, warns German bishop
  21. Merkel and Pope to discuss threats to Europe
  22. Adjust expectations Francis ‘revolution’, warns Kasper
  23. Austria's new law on Islam could be ‘a model for Germany’
  24. Cardinal mocks claim that FIFA is more influential than religion
  25. Reform of the Curia is unnecessary, says Archbishop Gänswein
  26. German Catholics: Vatican family survey ‘too fixated on ideals’
  27. Cardinal Burke renews attack on 'Pope's theologian' Kasper
  28. German lay group rebuked for rushing reform agenda
  29. Early markers put down over same-sex marriage
  30. CDF to be given power to judge bishops in abuse cases
  31. German bishop wants Benedict XVI’s Good Friday Prayer revoked
  32. Cardinal describes how pathway for remarried divorcees would work
  33. Benedict XVI says Christian music tradition is a 'pathway to the divine'
  34. Call to priesthood not the same as call to celibacy, says dean
  35. German Protestants apologise for Reformation iconoclasm
  36. 'Bishop of bling' sued by his former diocese for €3.9m
  37. Gay head of church after-school club reinstated after law change
  38. Cardinal Koch praises Pope's fresh approach to ecumenism that 'sets him apart' from predecessors
  39. 'Bishop of Bling' need not pay damages
  40. Merkel tells Christians to keep faith as migrant crisis intensifies
  41. Catholic priest resigns after five race-related death threats during year of abuse
  42. Shift in opinion on assisted suicide
  43. Foreign bankers do more harm than poor immigrants, says hierarchy
  44. Schönborn recalls victims of divorce
  45. Pope’s apology divides Pentecostals
  46. Marx urges Muslim leaders to condemn Islamic terror
  47. New tax exodus from the main Christian Churches
  48. Faith groups march together in Jordan
  49. Schönborn warns on reform priorities
  50. German and Polish bishops mark outbreak of war
  51. Swiss insist Muslim organisations condemn persecution
  52. Catholic numbers grow in Scandinavia
  53. Examine Reformation’s failures, says Koch
  54. Cardinals at loggerheads over Kasper proposals for remarried divorcees
  55. Synod ‘charting right course’, say cardinals
  56. Alarm at egg-freezing offer
  57. CDF sets up conference this month on traditional marriage
  58. Demise of religious buildings
  59. Church blessing for lesbian partners
  60. St John Paul II remembered at fall of Berlin Wall ceremonies
  61. Demands to make assisted suicide illegal
  62. Eastern voices raised in defence of Christians
  63. Controversy over revision to Benedict’s Collected Works
  64. Schönborn disturbed by ‘fearful’ bishops
  65. Benedict sets record straight on divorced and remarried
  66. Thousands march against militant Islam
  67. Study seeks way to Communion for remarried divorcees
  68. ‘Give laity voice in nominating bishops’
  69. Centre threatened with closure after Saudi floggings
  70. Merkel’s challenge on Islamist violence
  71. Report savages Abdullah Centre
  72. Leaders split on march for Christian West
  73. New Protestant chairman affirms principle of unity
  74. Hopes for harmony in Dresden
  75. Minute’s silence on Good Friday TV upheld
  76. Curia job for the ‘bishop of bling’
  77. Don’t cave in to terror, says bishop
  78. Adjust expectations of Francis ‘revolution’, says Kasper
  79. New law on Islam ‘could be a model for Germany’
  80. Nuncio laments post–Communist decline of Christianity
  81. Examine the sources of Islamist violence, says Jaschke
  82. Burke draws red lines over reforms
  83. Woelki mocks Sepp Blatter’s ‘own goal’
  84. Curia is loyal, says Müller
  85. Raif Badawi’s blogs published
  86. Schönborn expects ‘clear word’ on divorce and conscience
  87. No Pope can be ‘everybody’s darling’: Gänswein
  88. Vienna’s work against persecution praised
  89. Questionnaire ‘too fixated on ideal image of the family’
  90. Burke renews attack on Kasper
  91. Tentative fresh start for Vienna’s King Abdullah Centre
  92. ‘Bishop of Bling’ gets vital role in Jubilee
  93. Bishops rebuke lay group for rushing ahead with reform agenda
  94. St John Paul II and Benedict XVI ‘did not block cause’
  95. Early markers put down over same-sex marriage
  96. CDF to be given power to judge bishops in abuse cases
  97. Müller says Irish vote discriminates against family
  98. Families ‘are a better safety net than the state’
  99. Bishop wants Benedict XVI’s revised Good Friday Prayer revoked
  100. Fürst insists children need a mother and a father
  101. Encyclical ‘could be problematic’
  102. Ecumenical Reformation Jubilee
  103. Kasper describes how ‘penitential pathway’ might work in practice
  104. Benedict XVI says Christian music tradition is unique
  105. Synod tensions can hurt but are ‘a good thing’
  106. Beijing ‘milks’ Shanghai Diocese
  107. Disputes over marriage ‘use different languages’
  108. Call to priesthood ‘not the same’ as call to celibacy
  109. Exodus from Church shows an increase of 20 per cent
  110. Protestants apologise for iconoclasm
  111. More help for Christian refugees urged
  112. Diocese to claim £2.8m in damages from ‘bishop of bling’
  113. Homosexuality ‘not freely chosen’
  114. Koch praises Pope’s fresh approach to ecumenism
  115. Global response to ‘accessible’ family survey
  116. Migrant crisis will change Europe, says Schönborn
  117. Synod divisions blamed on the Germans
  118. Bishops at odds over migrants
  119. Christians shouldn’t fear Islamisation, says Merkel
  120. Migrants crisis moves to top of agenda
  121. Warnings and fears ahead of Synod
  122. ‘Welcome refugees or face barbarism,’ says cardinal
  123. Anniversary service emphasises diversity
  124. Pope ‘must speak’ on theology of the Eucharist
  125. Theologians analyse love and mercy
  126. Abbot regrets that women cannot vote on family
  127. The Bible ‘is my most prized treasure’
  128. Campaigns aim to curb assisted suicide
  129. Kasper held back by ‘entrenched positions’
  130. Call to adopt Pope’s concept of a synodal way forward
  131. Schönborn: war declared on Christianity and civilisation
  132. Churches converted to house refugees
  133. Vatican reaches out to Orthodox
  134. Parish clustering begins in earnest
  135. Cardinal calls for boycott of Qatar World Cup
  136. Duka defends eastern Europe on refugees
  137. Koch to meet LGBT refugees
  138. Scholars must make clear that violence against infidels not God’s will, says Müller
  139. New year appeal for religious freedom
  140. Migration threatening ‘humanistic spirit’
  141. ‘One in three’ Regensburg choirboys abused
  142. Schönborn says the Iron Curtain is back
  143. Koch visits LGBT refugees
  144. Marx sees more freedom for Church
  145. Cardinal denounces Cologne cover-up
  146. CDF Prefect accused of hushing up abuse
  147. Catholic church instinct to deal with sex abuse itself has caused victims spiritual and physical trauma
  148. Marx: ‘Reduce the number of refugees’
  149. Muslims torment Christians in refugee shelters
  150. Praise for carers of souls
  151. Bishops admit they failed to protect Christian refugees
  152. Imams returned to Turkey as new Islam law comes into force
  153. No cover-up of abuse by Church, says Müller
  154. Secular world looking again at Christianity
  155. Hundreds of Muslims convert
  156. Afro-German priest resigns after racist death threats
  157. Religious freedom ‘essential’, Muslims told
  158. Don’t exclude anti-migrant party, says bishop
  159. Gänswein expresses reservations about pace of reform
  160. Terrible plight of Yemen’s last Christians
  161. Europe’s bishops told: visit Iraq to learn from refugees
  162. Jehovah's Witnesses target Muslim refugees in Germany
  163. Czech government refuses Christian refugees after 'snub'
  164. Half of all new converts to Catholicism in Vienna are Muslim
  165. Bishops call Erdogan to order on eve of Merkel visit to Turkey
  166. Mannheim to host seminal exhibition on papacy
  167. Lehmann speaks out on divisive issues
  168. Bishops warn of plans to ‘Islamise’ Europe
  169. Former Greens leader wins presidency
  170. Catholics back ‘migrants welcome’ policy
  171. Zollner says abuse is worldwide problem
  172. Marx commends Bundestag genocide ruling
  173. Reformation triggered by ‘trivial’ issue
  174. Church teaching ‘requires clarity, not loosely worded footnotes’
  175. Schönborn wants Muslim leaders to speak out on Islamist terrorism
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