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  1. Each Wellspring member makes a daily decision to live not for the feathering of her own nest
  2. I waited in vain to hear that Europe is a spiritual and moral project
  3. Rights language is grounded in the idea that each one of us deserves something
  4. It is by means of the ravenous appetite of the youthful heart that the gospel enters
  5. True intelligence is only accidentally bookish, and not even mostly ‘intellectual’
  6. Theology is in a perpetual and necessary state of crisis over what it is and does
  7. Should ‘the people’ be able to have what they want?
  8. My admiration for Buddhism does not contradict my Christian faith
  9. Christianity is, at heart, a practice of constant indignation
  10. For the Christian, food is never just fuel, and cooking is not mere necessity
  11. As I put the question to God, I remember this whole way of thinking rests on a lie
  12. Capitalism has made it hard for it to sink in. We are members of the same body
  13. We cannot rely on ‘gut feeling’ for what is right to keep a society from going off the rails
  14. The very pointlessness of my research has revealed to me the value of the liberal arts
  15. At every turn, Jesus does and says things that should shake us to our roots
  16. The use of online media has definitely affected my ability to read well
  17. Being near farms, one can’t help feeling that one is in touch with something ‘real’
  18. I wonder how many Sarah Smiths I know, but have not noticed
  19. We should remember that it is virtue that makes our human world what it is
  20. The habit of relentless activity is hard to break, not least because there is a credibility issue

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