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  1. School Report – St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, Birmingham
  2. ‘It was humbling… they had nothing’
  3. Zimbabwe: Mugabe, farmers and the cry for justice
  4. Charities enter Frisco politics in bid to ease housing crisis
  5. Blow for Religious Studies GCSE reform as humanists win high court battle
  6. Global cities light up at night to highlight the campaign to end the death penalty
  7. Governments urged to recognise Christian deaths in Middle East as a genocide
  8. The Catholic Church linked to child labour in Uganda, alleges BBC
  9. Vatican loans Church of England ancient relics ahead of vital gathering
  10. Aid desperately needed as famine in Ethiopia is worsening, claims Catholic charity
  11. Millions risk starvation as drought in Africa threatens humanitarian crisis
  12. Apple among major companies failing to do 'basic checks' on child labour in Congo
  13. Attorney general halts gay cake appeal hearing with late intervention
  14. India must make foetal gender tests compulsory to stop abortion of girls, says minister
  15. Jesus banned from NASA newsletter for space centre Christian group
  16. French authorities planning to bulldoze half of the Jungle refugee camp in Calais
  17. Zika virus threat is not an excuse to change abortion laws, the Vatican tells UN
  18. UK Government policy on freedom of religion in Pakistan inadequate, finds report
  19. Violent killings of Christians in Nigeria up 62 per cent
  20. Institutional racism still rife, says South African Archbishop
  21. Christian leaders pessimistic about Government peace deal with FARC rebels
  22. Schools entitled to prioritise Christianity
  23. Persecution fears dominate Christmas messages
  24. Bishops to meet refugees during Holy Land visit
  25. ‘Genocide’ of Middle East’s Christians to be addressed
  26. Child labour allegations against Church
  27. Walsingham becomes minor basilica
  28. Campaigners target faith-school admissions
  29. Attendance at Anglican services plummets
  30. Praise for Anglicans’ commitment to unity
  31. Catholic schools ditch ‘unfair’ league tables
  32. Government urged to support church restoration
  33. Bakery appeals pro-gay marriage cake decision
  34. Payday lending drops after Welby intervention
  35. ‘Our diocese’ not ‘my diocese’, bishop tells laity
  36. Church of England agrees historic motion of unity with Presbytarian Church of Scotland at General Synod
  37. Government urged to rescue Calais ‘Jungle’children
  38. Atheists claim victory over admissions
  39. Nichols names new diocesan shrine
  40. University opens research centre in honour of Benedict XVI
  41. Salesian Society confident of negotiating return of kidnapped priest
  42. Government defeated on Sunday trading as Tory rebels cross the floor
  43. US Government declares Islamic State atrocities genocide
  44. Church concern over new policy on academies
  45. Jungle migrants in desperate need of clothes and food
  46. Diocese to offer young men ‘religious gap year’
  47. Haiti in grave danger of being overrun by Zika epidemic, Catholic Mission warns
  48. Education service in talks over Government academy plan
  49. Preservation of church buildings to be reviewed
  50. Bishop Bell supporters take their case to Welby
  51. Polish Government supports Catholic abortion ban
  52. Northern Irish woman receives suspended sentence after home abortion
  53. Oxford sidelines Christian theology
  54. Rise of the child suicide bomber is one of 'gravest situations' on earth, says report
  55. Church aid group condemns Government over refugees
  56. Formation needs more than a seminary, says archbishop
  57. Traditionalist liturgies attract record numbers during Easter
  58. 'Wind of change' has been blowing through CAR since Pope Francis' visit, new president says
  59. Bishops will retain control as schools convert to academies
  60. Rwandan refugees seek sanctuary in Zambian Catholic Church as five killed in riots
  61. Relief at government assurance on academies
  62. ‘New approach necessary’ to understanding homelessness
  63. Religious freedom deteriorating globally, report finds
  64. Catholic medics back junior doctors' strike
  65. Philippines make history by electing first transgender Catholic to congress
  66. Oratory founded in Bournemouth will evangelise and help the poor
  67. US bishops disturbed by plans for transgender toilets in schools
  68. Philippines: Duterte cancels trip to apologise to Pope Francis
  69. Thousands call for midwives to withdraw abortion support
  70. BBC criticised for being ‘too Christian’
  71. British minister praises work of Catholic congregations in conflict zones
  72. Catholic Church in England and Wales is failing to attract new believers, finds report
  73. Italian cardinal threatens closure of Catholic schools over tax bill
  74. Refugees to be paired with religious communities and parishes
  75. Refugees: Kenyan bishops speak out against closure of largest camp
  76. Refugees to be paired with religious communities
  77. Government bombs Catholic primary school in Sudan
  78. Correspondent for Catholic newspaper expelled from Egypt
  79. Lords to debate abortion on grounds of disability
  80. Divisions over Brexit ahead of 23 June referendum
  81. Indian bishop donates kidney to Hindu 'in the spirit of the church'
  82. Bishop seeks to unite Kenyan political parties as two people die in 'day of rage'
  83. Church’s debt-counselling service to go nationwide
  84. World needs to wake up and eliminate child labour, Pope pleads
  85. Christian unity is paramount in a divided world, says Archbishop Welby
  86. Dioceses respond to environmental programme urged in encyclical
  87. Francis says Benedict's contribution continues to be unceasing on 65th anniversary of his ordination
  88. Catholic charities fear lost EU funds could impact vital development work
  89. South African Church leaders denounce failed government response to pre-election violence
  90. Malawi: Bishops call for urgent humanitarian assistance
  91. Holy See: Peace process in Israel and Palestine is the responsibility of believers
  92. Clerics and police collaborate on anti-slavery project
  93. Cardinal Nichols congratulates incoming Prime Minister Theresa May
  94. Zimbabwean pastor and protest leader arrested
  95. Commission to provide ‘new vision’ for Religious Education
  96. Charities step up disarmament campaign ahead of Trident vote
  97. Nuclear weapons cannot be morally justified, says Church as MPs vote in favour of Trident
  98. Caritas turns to drug companies in bid to combat price of AIDS treatment
  99. Kenyan police charged with murder of human rights lawyer
  100. Two refugees set to make Olympic history due to help of Catholic charity
  101. 'Pope Francis effect' causes surge in numbers of Jesuit priests
  102. Catholic Church to appear before Goddard inquiry
  103. Parish set to receive refugee family
  104. Doctors who refuse to perform abortions ‘victimised’
  105. Catholic LGBT campaigner arrested in Ugandan gay Pride crackdown
  106. Catholic bishops welcome worst African National Congress post-apartheid election result
  107. Catholic schools accused of taking in too few poorer pupils
  108. Ethiopia: Cardinal calls for a return to calm after protesters killed in anti-government riots
  109. Romero should inspire us to fight slavery, says Bishop Lynch
  110. Catholic church seeks to kickstart Mugabe protests stalled by pastor's departure
  111. Irish Church decline signals end for Columba Books
  112. Church urges government to use school chaplains in bid to tackle arson attacks in Kenya
  113. Catholic church in Ghana exposes land injustices
  114. Essex parishioners demand money back after church closures
  115. Welby criticised for meeting ‘vigilante’ Islamic clerics
  116. Down’s syndrome test could be ‘quietly pushed through’
  117. Congolese bishops call for peace as election crisis looms
  118. Church releases first catechism for prisoners
  119. Church welcomes abolition of cap on faith-school admissions
  120. Gypsies and Travellers targeted in wake of Brexit vote
  121. Catholic charities condemn 500% increase in asylum application fees
  122. Chaos as 17 killed in violent clashes over political vacuum in Kinshasa
  123. Court fees hike for immigration cases condemned as barrier to justice
  124. Poland moves one step closer to complete ban on abortion
  125. Church opposes Zambia president's new ministry for religion
  126. Martin Bashir to be new BBC correspondent for religious affairs
  127. Islamist militants target Christians in Kenyan shooting
  128. Catholic Church appeals to South Africa not to pull out of International Criminal Court
  129. Diocese responds to eviction claims
  130. Churches come together to welcome child refugees
  131. Government’s decision to expand Down’s screening will lead to more abortions, MP warns
  132. Venezuelan President and opposition agree to cool rehetoric following Vatican-led talks
  133. Parents shy of speaking to their children about faith
  134. Catholic schools need children of other faiths, says CES head
  135. Catholic priest puts dead foetus on the altar in a bid to rally support for Trump
  136. Australian senate blocks referendum on same-sex marriage
  137. African nations seek to block UN investigation into LGBT abuses
  138. Colombia and Farc rebels agree new peace accord
  139. Cafod fears poor could be exploited in new trade deals
  140. Irish numbers reduced as Vatican casts a wider net
  141. International Criminal Court must hold Islamic State extremists to account for barbaric 'genocide' against Christians, says Catholic Peer
  142. Vatican urges action against trafficking and labour abuses in the fishing industry
  143. Schools admissions row may go to court
  144. Islamist 'hyper extremism' threatens to erase religious diversity, finds report
  145. Bishop warns of ethnic massacre as tribal killings in South Sudan escalate
  146. Catholics join evangelicals in Malawi marching against homosexuals
  147. Diocese works with anti-slavery tsar to combat trafficking
  148. Catholic academies fail poorer pupils’
  149. BBC admits it was wrong to claim Catholic church stood 'silent' as Nazis attempted to 'eradicate Jews from Europe'
  150. Nigerian bishops call for job creation, as terrorist group exploits country’s youth
  151. Put aside ideology and focus on desperate residents, says Bishop of Aleppo
  152. Pope calls for peace, as protests erupt in the DRC over President's refusal to leave office
  153. Catholic Church in India condemns caste system in new policy document empowering Dalits
  154. Bishop laments global indifference as ethnic massacres continue in South Sudan
  155. Catholic Church brokers deal to deny Congolese President a third term
  156. New Year messages focus on hope and reconciliation
  157. Aid budget should not be used to prop up NHS, says SCIAF head
  158. Kidnapped priest ignored orders not to go to Yemen, says Indian Government
  159. Cafod steps up emergency response as refugees at risk of freezing to death
  160. Nichols renews plea to welcome refugees
  161. Philippine President dares entire Bishop's Conference to resign, as spat with Church escalates
  162. Economic inequality will inhibit reconciliation in Ivory Coast after weeks of civil warfare, warn Bishops
  163. Philippine Bishops call for public vigilance over martial law threat
  164. Church of England 'failed terribly' for not reporting abuse case says Archbishop of Canterbury
  165. Arrested Zimbabwean pastor and protest leader could face 20 years in jail
  166. Seven per cent of priests in Australia involved in abuse of children, royal commission announces
  167. Church calls for Government action as wave of murders threatens Colombia's peace accord
  168. Declare escalating drought in Kenya a national disaster, bishops urge Government
  169. Pope defends rights of Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims to 'live their faith'
  170. Actor Liam Neeson calls for Catholic and Protestant school integration in Northern Ireland
  171. Archbishop of Canterbury condemns Government decision to scrap child refugee scheme
  172. Cardinal Nichols lambasts government for abandoning its 'moral duty' over child refugees
  173. Church of England Synod backs further reconciliation with Catholics during Reformation anniversary year
  174. India must abandon anti-Christian laws, says US think tank and policy adviser to the President
  175. Bishops accuse Pakistani Government of failing to protect citizens following spate of terrorist attacks
  176. ’Violent individuals in all peoples and religions': Pope urges listeners to confront terror with love
  177. 'Our people are struggling simply to survive', warn South Sudan's bishops, as UN declares famine in parts of country
  178. Vatican cracks down on illegal sale of papal images
  179. Egyptian Christians told to 'leave or die' as Islamic State militants' campaign against them escalates
  180. Outspoken advocate of reducing human population by abortion speaks at Vatican conference
  181. Michelangelo frescoes reproduced with 99.9 per cent accuracy in Vatican digital photo project
  182. 'Bitter Lent' for Syrians who have 'lost all hope', writes Archbishop of Damascus
  183. Church not to blame for peace deal deadlock, say DRC bishops
  184. Pro-life charity welcomes UK decision not to pledge further money to 'global abortion fund'
  185. Church in Nigeria calls for the renewal of 'distorted, bloodied and corrupted' society
  186. Five nuns arrested on suspicion of covering up the rape of 17-year-old girl by Catholic priest in Kerala
  187. Catholic bishops decry lawmakers for giving 'consent for the State to kill,' as Philippines votes for death penalty
  188. South Sudanese bishop denounces president's day of prayer as a 'mockery'
  189. Millions march in protest of Peru's new national curriculum which teaches gender is 'chosen' not determined at birth
  190. Politicians should combat populism by modelling their rhetoric on that of Pope Francis, says Cardinal Nichols
  191. Catholic church in Guam establishes $1 million settlement fund for victims of sexual abuse
  192. Children in Syria pay 'heaviest price' for civil war as record numbers killed last year, says Unicef report
  193. Vatican confirms papal trip to Egypt under consideration
  194. Major appeal launched as world faces 'worst humanitarian disaster since 1945'
  195. Church in Bolivia condemns draft law to allow abortion in cases of 'extreme poverty'
  196. Pope's €100,000 donation will help young couples in Syria who decide to get married 'despite the crisis' says Aleppo priest
  197. Bishops call for 'just punishment' for those responsible for deaths of 40 girls in Guatemalan care home as its director is arrested on suspicion of homicide
  198. Jesus' tomb unveiled after historic restoration project
  199. Communion debate sparked by Amoris Laetitia 'settled long ago' in Africa, says Nigerian theologian
  200. Bible cannot be used to justify death penalty warn Philippine bishops in continued attack on Duterte's government
  201. Pope 'deeply saddened' by Westminster terrorist attack and assures those affected of his prayers
  202. Cuts to funding for urban schools will hit the poorest children, teachers warn
  203. Holy See calls for ‘intergenerational solidarity’ in climate change efforts
  204. DRC Catholic bishops withdraw from peace-talks blaming lack of 'sincere political will'
  205. Government complicit in violence against Christians, says Nigerian bishop
  206. Official UN mission to investigate alleged human rights abuses against Myanmar's Rohingya supported by church
  207. Catholic aid agencies call for long-term aid strategy for millions continuing to flee Syria, as 59 die in suspected chemical attack
  208. Bishop warns of 'permanent state of insecurity' in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as UN discovers 13 more mass graves
  209. President 'should earnestly reconsider his position' following controversial cabinet purge, warn South African bishops
  210. Free school meals an unreliable poverty measure, report finds
  211. Bosses don’t know what to do about belief
  212. A million affected by Peru floods as worst rains in two decades continue
  213. Coptic Pope survives unharmed as at least 44 die in Palm Sunday suicide attacks in Egypt
  214. Blood donors to be rewarded with reduced price entry into the Vatican Museums
  215. Egypt: 'Religious establishment not serious at all' about changing anti-Christian sentiment learnt in mosques
  216. South Sudanese leaders have 'moral obligation to take action' say Catholic bishops, as UK names violence as 'genocide'
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