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  1. Uneven odds
  2. 'Blasphemy' court case suggests that religion is no longer the opiate of the masses for Putin and Russia
  3. The Hillsborough disaster: When saying sorry is not enough
  4. Are US politicians softening their stance on the death penalty?
  5. Is the time right for pro life movement in US to challenge the abortion laws?
  6. Execution of paraplegic failed because he could not walk to gallows
  7. Obama publicly thanks Pope Francis for intervention in Cuba
  8. Hillary Clinton: I will implement Pope's climate change policy
  9. Pakistan Christians told to expect Isis campaign of terror
  10. Pope defends Kentucky clerk's refusal to license gay marriages
  11. Is a state visit to China just a flight of fancy for Francis?
  12. Fears for Christians as Isis kills aid worker in Bangladesh
  13. Victims lament slow start to Scottish abuse inquiry
  14. We do not advocate punishing gays, say Nigerian bishops
  15. Irish bishop issues apology as same-sex referendum called 'the devil's work'
  16. California governor signs assisted suicide bill into law
  17. Church more popular in US after Pope's visit, survey reveals
  18. McAleese dismisses Archbishop's view on homosexuality
  19. Pakistan upholds death penalty for blasphemy vigilante
  20. China to intensify crackdown on Christianity
  21. Nuncio pleads with US state not to restart executions
  22. Mother Theresa's congregation shuns Indian adoption rules
  23. American pro-life clinic opens in Northern Ireland
  24. Arkansas fails in bid to overturn stays of execution
  25. US archbishop's memo bars Communion for political supporters
  26. Death of Indian minister part of terror campaign
  27. King James Bible discovery provides clue to modern language
  28. Francis: Synod is unfinished business of Vatican II
  29. Religious leaders rail against use of Bible in death sentencing
  30. Vatican denies Pope Francis has brain tumour
  31. Holy Spirit plays a major role in making of Ben-Hur
  32. Catholic relief workers to assess Afghan quake damage
  33. Don't start arms race in Outer Space, says Catholic Church
  34. Sacked gay priest launches assault on Catholic Church
  35. Hillary Clinton comes out in favour of the death penalty
  36. Vatican confirms delegation visited China for talks
  37. Big shift in Americans who believe in global warming, poll says
  38. Indian Christian elite condemn 'sinister' discrimination
  39. Vatican PR arrested by police protests innocence on Facebook
  40. Prison flash mob for Pope Francis is internet sensation
  41. US Catholic Church paid $4bn in abuse compensation
  42. Human trafficking group must walk with victims, says Pope Francis
  43. 'Happy gay priest' wants the 'many other' gay clergy to out themselves
  44. Hong Kong cardinal enters political debate on same sex marriage
  45. 154,000 people sign petition against Amnesty's abortion campaign
  46. US bishops happy for Spotlight to be shone on sex abuse in the Catholic Church
  47. Torture of defence lawyers as well as their clients a major problem in China, says Amnesty
  48. Central African Republic fights hard to persuade Pope Francis' to keep travel plans
  49. Tens of thousands gather at Notre Dame to pray for the victims of Paris terrorist attacks
  50. Friends say no way prominent Chinese Catholic priest could have committed suicide
  51. Italian Catholic priest shot three times on his way to work in Bangladesh
  52. US Catholic bishops vote overwhelmingly in favour of pornography as a 'mortal sin'
  53. US Catholic charities receive hate mail over White House plans to welcome Syrian refugees
  54. Pro-choice abortion campaigners should be wary of truth, warn two Irish filmmakers
  55. US state Georgia executes prisoner for murder despite some doubt over his conviction
  56. THE BEST OF THE WEB: Gun laws, Catholic abuse, terror in Paris, Myanmar joy, the living wage and Pope Francis in Africa
  57. Church of England threatens to sue over banned cinema advert about the Lord's Prayer
  58. Pope Francis appoints two new auxiliary bishops to Westminster
  59. Italian journalists will face trial for Vatileaks II despite court plea to have case dismissed
  60. Pope Francis begins his vital trip to Africa under tight security in Rome
  61. Church of England should be bridge between Catholics and Evangelicals, Pope's preacher tells synod
  62. Former Irish priest loses Vatican defrocking appeal after being acquitted on child sex abuse charges
  63. A pair of papal shoes stand in defiance of Paris authorities as Catholics demonstrate over climate change
  64. Pope Francis named PETA's person of the year for his message of kindness to animals
  65. Filipinos #defendthepope as a Philippines presidential candidate 'uses F-word' in radio rant against Pope Francis
  66. Cardinal Vincent Nichols backs military action in Syria ahead of House of Commons vote
  67. High Court allows DPP change in assisted suicide law that makes prosecuting healthcare professionals unlikely
  68. Six priests and four laymen now charged in the murder of seminary rector in Bangalore, India
  69. BEST OF THE WEB: Francis' enemies, Jesus in Africa, gay and Catholic, guns, Robin Hood and Christmas
  70. Deputy head of Catholic school charged with possession of indecent images
  71. Catholic Church in US defies governor of Indiana to welcome Syrian refugees
  72. The Vatican is lit up by the richest man in China to highlight climate change
  73. Pope Francis refuses to wear bulletproof vest despite Christmas threat from Isis
  74. New Catholic university a beacon of hope for depleted Christian community in Iraq
  75. New York priest accused of stealing $1m to pay for gay sex, drugs, house steps down
  76. MPs put pressure on David Cameron to recognise Christian 'genocide' in the Middle East
  77. Lambeth Palace 'will publish' review of Peter Ball case after letters published
  78. Je suis not amused: Vatican slams anniversary edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine
  79. Billionaire Albert Gubay who pledged half his fortune to the Catholic church dies
  80. Church should not marginalise gay Catholics, pope insists
  81. At least 60 boys sexually abused at German choir run by Benedict XVI's brother
  82. Christian churches fight Kenya's attempts to 'control worship'
  83. Anglican communion avoids schism by banning pro-gay US church for three years
  84. India deport Russian Orthodox Father Superior on diplomatic mission
  85. Number of abortions in the US drop but Planned Parenthood procedures up 250 per cent
  86. Isis destroys oldest Christian monastery in Iraq, satellite pictures reveal
  87. Political edge as 50,000-strong March For Life braves Washington snow storm
  88. Pope to celebrate service for Protestant Reformation in home of Lutheran communion
  89. Ted Cruz wins US Republican caucuses as Clinton breathes sigh of relief
  90. Vatican denies Pope Francis to make acting debut in Hollywood film on the Gospels
  91. Senior Chinese Christian echoes Pope Francis' softening towards communist regime
  92. IN PICTURES: Mardi Gras Carnival in Rio shrugs off concerns over Zika virus
  93. VIDEO: Shocking footage of Christian attacked by Hindus and paraded through streets
  94. 'Finally we are brothers': Pope Francis embraces Patriarch Kirill as churches sign agreement
  95. Death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a major concern for Christian issues
  96. Library holding John Paul II letters denies claims of BBC Panorama expose
  97. Italian senate forced to postpone vote on gay civil unions after Catholic rebellion
  98. Catholic educators vow to stop Marcos jnr rewriting history of father's dictatorship
  99. Anti-abortion clinic near Marie Stopes centre opens
  100. Stop crucifying yourselves and love each other instead, senior Catholic tells Filipinos
  101. Rich countries 'have failed' to take in their fair share of Syrian refugees, Oxfam report claims
  102. Canadian priest investigated for 'gambling away' £260,000 of refugees' money
  103. Amoris Laetitia opens the way to holy communion for divorced and remarrieds
  104. Catholic bishop refuses Austria permission to build border fence
  105. South Africa: Church calls for calm after opposition leader accused of treason
  106. Fr Hans Kung says Pope has responded to his call for discussion on infallibility dogma
  107. Liverpool bishop says it is time to forgive authorities 'if they are truly sorry'
  108. Philippines bishops: Catholic Church will not stop 'interfering' in politics
  109. Ancient relic of St Thomas a Becket returns to UK for first time in 800 years
  110. Bangladesh will take a long time to recover after El Nino cyclone kills 26 people
  111. Campaigners welcome decision to sack Livingstone from radio show
  112. Sword pierces heart of city as Orlando faithful come to terms with mass shooting
  113. Russian Orthodox Church says it won't attend historic council
  114. BBC's religious affairs correspondent to step down after MS diagnosis
  115. Number of refugees in world at record high as war and prejudice take toll
  116. Britain must continue to be a good neighbour to Europe, urges Nichols
  117. Trust in charities in England and Wales falls to lowest point since polling began
  118. UK authorities fail in bid to extradite Benedictine monk accused of historic sex crimes
  119. Portugal thank divine intervention for gutsy Euro 2016 victory in Paris
  120. Religious leaders need to help heal the 'spiritual wounds' in America
  121. Islam is not a religion it is a form of government, says conservative Vatican cardinal
  122. 'Terrible acts of violence' are in Pope Francis' prayers after 90 are killed last weekend
  123. Polish authorities ramp up security as pilgrims begin to arrive in Krakow for World Youth
  124. Priest murdered as two armed men take churchgoers hostage during morning Mass
  125. Attackers filmed sermon in Arabic at altar after killing priest: eyewitness account
  126. Cardinal Pell 'emphatically and unequivocally' denies historic sex claims
  127. Meningitis warning for World Youth Day pilgrims after Italian teenager dies on journey home
  128. Special security measures at Lourdes 'could remain in place' permanently
  129. Former abbot charged with historical child sex offences
  130. Iranian religious leader applauds Pope Francis for his stance on Islam and Isis
  131. Community shocked as two Catholic nuns murdered in their home
  132. 46-year-old man charged with double murder of Mississippi nuns
  133. May's vision of education reform criticised
  134. Vatican representative pleads with people of Guam to help save church from bankruptcy
  135. Bishop of Assisi evokes spirit of St John Paul II at start of multi-faith summit
  136. Communities unite to pray for victims of stabbing spree and dead attacker
  137. 'Real peace' can be achieved as Francis arrives in Assisi and greets religious leaders
  138. £100m Heythrop College put up for sale by Jesuits
  139. The horrible night has ceased: Colombia signs peace deal with Farc
  140. Archbishop pleads with India and Pakistan to avoid major conflict over Kashmir
  141. No vote offers Colombia opportunity for reconciliation, Catholic Church says
  142. Catholic relief workers expecting worst as Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti
  143. Polish lawmakers vote overwhelmingly against abortion law
  144. Pope Francis reaches out to the 'corners of the Earth' to appoint 17 new cardinals
  145. Democrats most 'stubbornly unfriendly' administration to religious believers in generations, archbishop claims
  146. 'Black Pope' tells Jesuits to make the 'impossible possible' and help human beings find reconciliation
  147. Donald Trump uses Catholic fundraiser to joke about his rival in US presidential election Hillary Clinton 'hating Catholics'
  148. Italian PM promises to rebuild every building as Basilica of St Benedict destroyed by earthquake
  149. Christians have 'chance to accept a common path', Francis tells joint denomination prayer service
  150. US bishop warns pastors to avoid getting involved in election after anti-Hillary literature
  151. Trump is elected president of the United States and vows to 'bind the wounds of division' after bitter campaign
  152. White Catholics turned out to be significant voting bloc for US president-elect Donald Trump
  153. Taskforce urges US bishops to make a quick decision on rise of racism
  154. Cuban leader Raul Castro frees 787 prisoners after Pope Francis plea for Year of Mercy
  155. Former Labour minister to head up BBC's religious affairs programming
  156. Science and Church must work together for all humankind
  157. Pope's midnight mass message: 'The lights of commercialisation cast God into the shadows'
  158. Chinese religious affairs official hints at open door policy on relations with Vatican
  159. Francis urges mothers of newborn babies to breastfeed during Mass in the Sistine Chapel
  160. Catholic bishops express disappointment as Obama shuts door on Cuban migrants
  161. Rejoice or despair? It is too early to have an opinion on Trump, Francis says
  162. Ocáriz elected as fourth prelate of Opus Dei, confirmed by Pope Francis
  163. Heythrop College appoints Roehampton deputy to be new principal
  164. Francis prays for Chile as death toll during worst wildfires in its history reaches double figures
  165. Anglican Evensong to be celebrated at St Peter's Basilica for the first time
  166. Church of the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 reopens after arson attack by Jewish extremists
  167. Burke sent to Guam by Pope Francis to head investigation into abuse of altar boys
  168. Archbishop of Canterbury opposes second Brexit referendum for 'divided' country
  169. Eamonn Casey, the bishop whose scandal changed the church in Ireland, dies aged 89
  170. Francis pleads for God's forgiveness for Church role in genocide as Tutsi president of Rwanda visits Vatican
  171. Pope Francis offers prayers as more than 250 die in landslide in Colombia
  172. National Trust denies playing down Easter after Church of England expresses outrage
  173. Trump and Pope Francis meeting 'looking unlikely' despite US President's scheduled trip to Italy for G7 summit in May
  174. Catholic bishops plead with Arkansas to stop execution of seven men in 11 days
  175. Matthew Festing ordered not to travel to Rome for Order of Malta election of his successor
  176. Lee executed by Arkansas as bishops praise Virginia for turning away from death sentence
  177. Jesuit-educated Macron favourite to beat Le Pen as Catholic bishops warm to him as next president
  178. Arkansas kills two prisoners as last-minute court order delays second execution
  179. Knights of Malta will return to Rome in a year after electing a temporary leader
  180. LIVE BLOG: Video and analysis of Pope Francis' pilgrimage to Fatima
  181. Catholic priest and refugee centre manager arrested as mafia steal £30m from refugee centre in Italy
  182. At least 23 Coptic Christians killed in Egypt as gunmen open fire on bus on way to monastery
  183. President Trump is harming 'people of United States and the world' with Paris climate exit, Catholic bishops claim
  184. Vatican urges Muslims to join 'believers in one God' to combat climate change in annual Ramadan message
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