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  7. All aboard for the papal tour
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  16. Working together
  17. Asia’s new killing fields: Is the Church doing enough to stop the extrajudicial deaths?
  18. Better to light a candle: The Tablet’s social action awards
  19. Parliament votes against explicit ban on sex-selective abortion
  20. Charity leader held in Afghanistan released after eight months
  21. Welby ‘embarrassed’ by Living Wage revelations
  22. Bishops urge Catholics to engage in politics before May's election
  23. Catechist and bishop’s adviser hits out at ‘traumatic’ sex education
  24. Bishop of Oslo accused in £4m fraud investigation
  25. Pope praises co-operatives for putting people above profits
  26. At least 19 Christians seized by IS freed after ransoms paid
  27. ‘Who am I to judge?’ means scrutinising oneself first, says Pope
  28. Boko Haram's use of children condemned
  29. Francis appoints social justice bishop to lead San Diego
  30. MPs attack ‘shocking’ treatment of migrants
  31. Bishops back blockade of nuclear weapons factory
  32. Nick Clegg admits faith 'hasn't happened to me – yet'
  33. More Christian hostages reportedly released in Syria
  34. Lesbian and gay pilgrims welcomed at Vatican
  35. Francis to visit shrine founded by former Satanist
  36. Cardinal criticises Church’s past ‘severe’ treatment of gay people
  37. Jesuit academic urges Church to drop ‘clunky’ Missal
  38. Libby Lane, Church of England’s first woman bishop, installed
  39. Burke condemns pro-reform voices at Synod on the Family
  40. Jean Vanier awarded million-pound Templeton Prize
  41. Francis hints at short papacy – 'maybe just two or three years'
  42. Pope Francis names new nuncio to Cuba
  43. Canon rebuked for holding Muslim service in church
  44. Cardinal says Requiem for Richard III, a man 'of anxious devotion'
  45. Francis in Naples begs mobsters to convert
  46. Pope condemns 'inadmissible' death penalty
  47. Make poor people central to your prayer as Romero did, Nichols says
  48. Francis meets brother of British aid worker murdered by Islamic State
  49. Oratory takes fight to preserve Catholic ethos to High Court
  50. CofE appoints second woman to episcopacy
  51. Caritas warns of ‘staggering’ needs of Boko Haram's 1m silent victims
  52. First Anglican woman bishop appointed who will sit in the Lords
  53. German cardinals row over pastoral care of divorced and remarried
  54. Government grant scheme allots a further £1.3m to Catholic cathedrals
  55. Pre-Reformation vestment from Richard III Mass to go on display
  56. Cardinal's cautious welcome for Nigerian president
  57. Pope Francis reveals his battle with exhaustion in rallying homily to priests at start of Easter liturgies
  58. Papal preacher urges Christians to forgive those who persecute them
  59. Persecuted Christians at heart of Easter homilies
  60. Root British values in Christianity, says Bishop Davies
  61. Francis demands concrete help for persecuted Christians
  62. Asia Bibi asks Pope Francis to pray for her as she awaits execution
  63. Vatican correspondent Robert Blair Kaiser dies
  64. Rise in number of priests to be ordained in the US this year
  65. Hundreds of back call to uphold marriage teaching
  66. Anti-slavery commissioner praises Church’s work on trafficking
  67. Christians must be heart of Iraq’s reconstruction, Cardinal insists
  68. Two main parties pledge support for persecuted Christians
  69. Church leaders call for Europe-wide response to migrants crisis
  70. Ed Miliband says he would like to meet Pope Francis
  71. Vatican calls for international body to eradicate people-trafficking
  72. Female religious vocations soar to highest level in 25 years
  73. Church's efforts to reach Nepal quake survivors hampered
  74. Next government must work with faith groups, says cardinal
  75. Dioceses asked to have a Holy Door during Year of Mercy
  76. Vatican: climate change is man-made and must be addressed
  77. Pope Francis is 'most influential' world leader on Twitter, report finds
  78. God does not favouritise, cardinal tells lesbian and gay Catholics
  79. Bishop backs priests who took row over church teaching to the press
  80. Church agencies rush to respond as second quake hits Nepal
  81. Incoming equalities minister changes mind over gay marriage
  82. Francis canonises two Palestinian nuns in Rome
  83. Pope appoints Timothy Radcliffe to Justice and Peace council
  84. Church of England continues to haemorrhage members
  85. Scottish Churches pays tribute to ‘wise and courteous’ Kennedy
  86. Green encyclical Laudato Sii draws inspiration from St Francis
  87. Republican candidate tells Pope ‘leave science to scientists’
  88. Charities attack council’s plans to ‘criminalise homeless’
  89. Thousands join London Corpus Christi procession
  90. Government’s anti-slavery tsar joins St Mary's
  91. David Cameron reiterates his opposition to euthanasia
  92. Obama: Catholic healthcare inspired US Affordable Care Act
  93. Politics needs richness of Catholic Social Teaching, says Egan
  94. Faith groups in Britain call for drastic carbon emission cuts
  95. Pope lashes out at ‘hypocritical’ Christians with ties to arms trade
  96. Right-to-buy could result in 'monochrome neighbourhoods'
  97. Environment charities to march in Rome to welcome Laudato si'
  98. Pope Francis condemns terror attacks
  99. Church needs priests unafraid of persecution – Pope
  100. Church of England names fifth woman bishop
  101. Walsingham launches £10m appeal to fund major redevelopment
  102. Manchester chapel saved from conversion to Muslim prayer room
  103. Cardinal celebrates young activists at London awards ceremony
  104. Duncan Smith urged to rethink further welfare cuts
  105. Nichols urges bishops to nurture culture’s ‘instinctive’ faith
  106. Bishop tells diocese to go green in wake of Pope’s environmental plea
  107. Francis reveals hopes for Synod on Family during Ecuador Mass
  108. Catholic schools in Portsmouth told to promote sexual abstinence
  109. Church turns to Alpha leader to kick-start parishes
  110. Welfare cuts will force families to food banks, warns charity
  111. Protecting Mother Earth 'most important task facing humanity'
  112. Francis calls on Paraguay to stamp out corruption
  113. Church of England toughens safeguarding measures
  114. Government’s welfare cuts 'mark return to Victorian poverty'
  115. Activists urge Welby to ban arms trade conference
  116. Vatican’s financial tsar criticises science behind Laudato’ si
  117. Faith schools targeted in Cameron’s speech on Islamic extremism
  118. Catholic bishop urges Government to improve migrant assessment
  119. Pope sends condolences to families of procession tragedy in Mexico
  120. Faith leaders praised for unique role in Ebola fight
  121. First Chinese bishop ordained in three years
  122. English composer Paul Inwood picked for Mercy Jubilee hymn
  123. Songs of Praise to be filmed at migrant church in Calais camp
  124. Catholic Church in Scotland issues abuse apology
  125. Strange appointed Professor of Theology at St Mary’s
  126. Bishop places Portsmouth Diocese on ‘Environmental Alert’
  127. Pope will lead liturgy for World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation
  128. Catholic and Christian charities call for immediate end to Israel’s Gaza blockage
  129. Anglican bishop Peter Ball jailed for historic sex offences
  130. Islam should have a 'quintessentially British' version with minoret-less mosques and no burqas, Warsi says
  131. Pope Francis authorises the canonisation of Mother Teresa
  132. Nichols calls for end to religious violence as PM lauds UK's Christian roots
  133. Extremism will be beaten by love and a warm welcome for refugees, says Welby
  134. AP McCoy among prominent Catholics recognised in new year's honours list
  135. Archbishop of Canterbury pushing his own liberal agenda, says MP
  136. MPs back parents’ right to remove pupils from sex-education classes
  137. O’Toole unveils radical evangelisation plan
  138. ‘Stir yourselves’ – engage in politics
  139. Oratory School takes fight to preserve Catholic ethos to High Court
  140. Commissioner praises Church’s work on human trafficking
  141. McMahon and Bayes issue joint Easter message
  142. Labour and Tories pledge support for persecuted Christians while others put faith schools under threat
  143. Cardinal says force could be used against IS
  144. Female religious vocations soar to highest level in 25 years
  145. Francis meets Ban Ki-moon to discuss climate change
  146. New Government should take up cause of Christians
  147. Bishop backs call for ‘no change’ at synod
  148. Fresh calls to legalise assisted dying rejected
  149. Welsh diocese wins free transport case in landmark ruling
  150. Publishers reveal title of encyclical
  151. Procurator considers Augustus Abbey abuse cases
  152. Assisted dying bills come to British and Irish parliaments
  153. Corpus Christi procession in central London
  154. Call for Catholic voice in politics
  155. Cardinal’s warning over lack of housing for poor
  156. Success for campaign to save hospital chapel
  157. Church turns to Alpha course leader
  158. Welfare cuts will force families to food banks, CSAN warns
  159. Parishes urged to make ecological conversion
  160. Diocese counters state sex education with own advice
  161. Poor people will not survive ‘Victorian’ welfare cuts
  162. Faith leaders helped in ebola battle
  163. Traditionalists win Chrism Masses battle
  164. Charities fear cuts in wake of Kid’s Company collapse
  165. Corbyn warns against assisted-dying bill
  166. Fears over MPs’ attendance at vote on assisted dying
  167. Queen’s Christian faith praised
  168. Welby highlights Church’s EU role
  169. Anti-euthanasia campaigners celebrate victory
  170. Bishops publish criticism ahead of synod
  171. Cafod welcomes development goals
  172. Church issues a demand for refugee aid
  173. School with mostly Muslim pupils will stay Catholic
  174. Anglican bishop, 83, imprisoned for abuse
  175. Church launches legacy drive
  176. Catholic schools top London league tables
  177. Warsi rounds on ‘illiteracy’ of counter-terror policies
  178. Bishops reject married priesthood and General Absolution
  179. Anglicans plan to fast-track black and ethnic-minority clerics
  180. Catholics honoured in New Year list
  181. MP attacks Welby’s New Year Message as left wing
  182. Inquiry launched into Maguire murder
  183. Comprehensive new guidelines to help tie the knot
  184. Cardinal reveals details of Church’s anti-trafficking work
  185. Walsingham lands a £4 million donation
  186. ‘Much respected advocate’ dies
  187. Gallagher to meet top politicians during landmark UK visit
  188. Bishop made case for mercy at Synod on Family
  189. Mother Teresa to become saint this year
  190. BBC to examine Britain's 'new Christianity' in Holy Week
  191. Conservative peers accused of sabotaging Islamic State genocide debate
  192. Cameron declines to recognise IS atrocities as genocide
  193. Fatherhood in crisis, says Egan
  194. Cameron: ‘We are a Christian country and we are proud of it’
  195. Victims of alleged abuse drop case against Salford diocese
  196. Archbishop Sentamu: Government’s living wage will keep people in poverty
  197. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  198. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  199. DNA test reveals Archbishop of Canterbury's father was Churchill's private secretary
  200. Little Sisters leave Preston
  201. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  202. Cardinal Nichols: UK would face problems if it left the EU
  203. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  204. Davies to launch controversial LGBT group in Shrewsbury
  205. Conservatives ‘wrong’ to dismiss Amoris Laetitia
  206. Female theologian targeted in vicious online campaign
  207. Britain and Ireland Briefing: Amoris Laetitia a fillip for divorced and remarrieds
  208. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  209. Brompton provost backs Brexit as a vote for ‘greatness and freedom’
  210. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  211. Runaway abbot arrested in Kosovo
  212. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  213. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  214. Service marks Roehampton’s anniversary
  215. Order denies allegations it awarded knighthoods for political influence
  216. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  217. Bishop urges caution on human-animal hybrids
  218. Cardinal Nichols condemns upsurge in racist attacks post Brexit
  219. Heythrop Principal resigns as doubts cast on Roehampton partnership
  220. Bishops’ Conference criticised over failure to support Heythrop
  221. News Briefing: Britain and Ireland
  222. Dominicans to scale back and refocus work in Britain
  223. Government awards millions to support church repairs
  224. Deal between Heythrop and Roehampton collapses
  225. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  226. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  227. Theologians intervene as Heythrop merger collapses
  228. Parishes join community scheme to support fleeing Syrians
  229. Archbishop of Westminster unites with Muslim leaders to condemn Rouen attack
  230. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  231. Cathedral to commemorate Sir Roger Casement
  232. Paris churches asked to welcome Muslims to Mass
  233. Police urge UK priests to 'review their security plans' after murder of Fr Hamel
  234. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  235. Goddard hounded out of job, allege abuse victims
  236. London priest pleads guilty to child sex abuse
  237. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  238. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  239. Rotherham sex inquiry chief to replace Dame Lowell Goddard
  240. Church must play role in reform of inhumane prison system, says Cardinal
  241. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  242. Ordination does not bestow superiority, says Cardinal Nichols at conference for priests
  243. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  244. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  245. Inquiry prompts more abuse claims
  246. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  247. Retiring bishop defends decision to allow traditionalist group into diocese
  248. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  249. Salesians apologise for child sexual abuse
  250. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  251. Homeless charity wins landmark battle over tax
  252. 'Sped-up' independent abuse inquiry could deliver by 2020, says new Chair
  253. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  254. Dioceses prepare to close Holy Doors
  255. Church launches guide to death for digital age
  256. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  257. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  258. Urgent call for prison reform
  259. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  260. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  261. ‘Explosion’ of Confessions during Holy Year, says Nichols
  262. Pope Francis' 'sorrow' at death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro
  263. Catholic Worker farm makes urgent appeal for funding
  264. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  265. Catherine Pepinster to step down as The Tablet editor at the end of 2016
  266. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  267. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  268. Supporters rally after Jimmy Mizen café ransacked by thieves
  269. Prince Charles: Christians suffering persecution is like the suffering of the Holy Family
  270. ‘Anarchy is loosed upon the world’: Cardinal urges care for poor in Midnight Mass homily that acknowledges global uncertainty
  271. Pope Francis calls for urgent help for victims of violence worldwide and prays for peace in Christmas message
  272. Follow Saint Mother Teresa’s example to change the world, Queen urges in Christmas message
  273. Vatican approves annual service in Southwark Cathedral to mark Oscar Romero's martyrdom
  274. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  275. Faith schools bearing brunt of headship recruitment crisis
  276. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  277. Church of England expresses remorse for violence and persecution of Catholics during Reformation
  278. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  279. Vatican’s ambassador to Britain to return to Rome after six years
  280. Church apologises for sexual abuse of children in Northern Ireland
  281. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  282. Church of England resists calls to change doctrine on marriage but pledges support for gay Christians
  283. Culture of ‘post truth’ colludes with deeds which ‘sing the tunes of evil’, Welby warns
  284. Trump's travel ban 'violates justice', say UK Church leaders
  285. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  286. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  287. Parishioners will help prepare couples for marriage under new process
  288. Church of England Bishops back to the drawing board after Synod blocks gay marriage report
  289. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
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