Young fingers on the trigger

31 July 2014 | by John Morrish

Kids and Guns, Channel 4

What would Channel 4 do if we suddenly lost our desire to look down on the Americans? Kids and Guns (31 July) was another run-of-the-mill exercise in moral superiority. It showed us several US families who had introduced their children to gun sports; with fatal results, in one case. The voice-over even-handedly noted that many Americans won’t even let their children have toy firearms. But the film wasn’t about them. A montage at the front of the programme set the scene: Christmas videos of little children unwrapping firearms, and a TV commercial for a product called “My First Rifle”. Every year, 3,000 children are killed or injured in shooting accidents. An ex-soldier called J.D. lost an arm and both legs in Afghanistan. Now his dream is for his four-year-old daugh

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