Steps in the wilderness

06 March 2014 | by Laura Gascoigne

In what has become an annual event, the parish of Discoed on the Welsh borders commissions an exhibition reflecting on Lent. This year’s theme is Christ’s 40 days in the desert hat is this blue wilderness of interminable air?” Cain asks Lucifer in the Abyss of Space in Byron’s play Cain. “Is your course measured for ye? Or do ye sweep on … through an aerial universe of endless ­expansion, at which my soul aches to think, intoxicated with eternity?”Byron was always ahead of his time, and in this passage he anticipates Hubble’s discovery of the expanding universe by 100 years, as well as foreshadowing the existential terrors of Gravity. As our world has got smaller and our universe has expanded, our definitions of wilderness have expande

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